March Woman – Transformation in Action

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There is much in this world I do not accept.

War. Famine. Poverty. Injustice. Discrimination to name a few, including economic and social policies that leave some feeling they are ‘less than’ while others believe they have a right to consider themselves ‘greater than’ because of an inherent bias in what they consider to be their privileged status.

And there is much in this world that I feel I have no power to change or affect.

Yet, when I take care of my own world, when I create better in the emotional, physical and spiritual environment around me, my world changes. And, while it is easy to say, those changes are infinitesimal in the big picture, the ripple effect of millions of small changes can create transformation of a grand scale.

We are all one humanity. One people on this one planet called earth. We are all connected. Through the air we breathe. To the trees and the sky and the water and the animals and the flora. We are all connected.

What we do to eachother and to our planet matters.

But how can I change what others do?

In the simplest of forms, I can’t. I am not that powerful. Nor is it my ‘job’ to change another.

What I do have the power to do is inspire change in the world around me by ensuring how I am, what I do, say, create, share creates better for everyone in the world around me. Holding space for better, my ripple becomes a constant ebbing outward of peace, harmony, joy, Love.

In that rippling effect, the things that annoy me abate, the feelings that keep me playing small diminish and the fear of making waves or being different washes away.

In their place, transformation within my world happens. And if there are millions upon millions of us transforming our own worlds, our collective ripple can become a tsunami of hope, possibility, change leading to transformation on a grand scale.

And never has that been truer than today.

Yes, Covid 19 is running amuck. Yes, there is political, economical and environmental strife everywhere.

And everywhere, there are human beings doing their best, giving their all to create lasting change that will, and must, transform our world for the better.

The March #ShePersisted Woman is a reminder to no longer accept you don’t have the power to change. To never give up on believing transformation is possible.

It is.

We just need to keep doing small things with great heart that change our worlds so that ripple by ripple by ripple the entire planet is transformed through each of us creating a better world for everyone and everything on earth.


15 thoughts on “March Woman – Transformation in Action

  1. While we can change our world, make good choices and create joy inside our bubbles where we show others how we live mindfully. But at this moment in time it feels like everyone else’s choices have a huge impact on the actual health of the world. That’s the part I am struggling with. I am going to write a short letter to my Premier and our Chief Medical Officer today so that I can feel like I am trying to help in a broader sense.

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  2. Today’s words and responses re-affirm the need to stop thinking someone else will take up the gauntlet, do something. We can all do our own thing to affect change for the positive. It does not need to be big, even the smallest of actions count, for as they add up, the change becomes more apparent, more meaningful. Count your pennies and the dollars will add up theory works here nicely. Reaching out to just one person, by phone, email or whatever to make sure they are faring well in these turbulent times may not seem like much, but may mean everything to that person. Thanks LG for the gentle push, reminder to DO IT.

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    • I give these pushes for myself Iwona as I need to be reminded daily that each little thing I do makes a difference. Writing my blog every morning connects me to you and so many others, and it helps me find the joy in every day.

      Thanks my friend for how you call and send little notes and create such a feeling of connection.

      Many blessings.

      And now… I’m off to do it too! Off to the post office!


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