April Woman – Follow Your Own Path

April Woman #ShePersisted 2021 Calendar – available for sale at – https://etsy.com/ca/shop/DareBoldlyArt

Over the past 3 years of working with this series, I have created a number of stencils of ‘the women’ that I will occasionally reuse .

No. 52 #ShePersisted Series https://louisegallagher.ca/shepersisted

The original of this woman is No. 52 – “They said, You can’t always get what you want. She said, it’s time I got what I’ve always deserved. Equal rights. Equal voice. Equal opportunity.”

I reused the stencil to create the painting that appears as the April Woman in this year’s #ShePersisted Calendar. “They said, You need to follow our path. It’s better for us. She followed her own path and encouraged others to do the same. It was better for everyone.”

The significance of using the same figure, just in a different/altered way is important. We are all the same kind of different. Our human nature desires a sense of belonging. To be part of a ‘tribe’ or gang or community – something that lets us know we’re not alone. We’re not outcasts. We are part of something. We matter.

The challenge however is that, when we follow a path because it’s comfortable, we can lose our way and not see that our staying on the path is keeping those who created it, comfortable in their limited view of the worth and value of every human being.

It is then we must decide what path we want to be on. A path that reflects our belief in the magnificence of every being on this planet or one that limits the possibilities of some because they ‘don’t fit in’ or look the same or present as ‘unequal to’ an invisible measure of success or class or faith or humanness we don’t buy into, but in our silence and presence in the group, uphold.

When we decide to heed the inner calling to spread our wings and create a path where everyone is free to travel and find their belonging in their own unique way, we step off the road more travelled and start creating a world of infinite possibility – for everyone.

In that creation, when we carve our way through life guided by our values, principles and belief in the worth of every human being, we become beacons of light encouraging others to do the same.

It doesn’t mean we’re no longer part of ‘the tribe’. It means we are part of the human race where we are, every one of us, free to journey on our own path that is beautiful in its distinctively unique voice, way, style and perspective.

It is then that our differences turn up in living colour. Full of life. Full of possibility. Full of Love.

And in that multi-hued and multi-faceted world, every path is honoured, every voice recognized worthy and every human being on planet earth gets what every being on this planet deserves – Equal rights. Equal voice. Equal opportunity.

A world where everyone of us is worthy of being part this one, beautiful and magnificent human race.


10 thoughts on “April Woman – Follow Your Own Path

  1. The timing of this post is uncanny given the resurgence of news about the RCMP’s class action lawsuits and the release of the special report by former Justice Bastarache on the long standing “mysoginistic, racist and homophobic attitudes” within the RCMP. Equal rights. Equal voice. Equal opportunity. Maybe one day, maybe.

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    • My heart rate keeps speeding up when I read the news Iwona. I get so tired of what some days feels like ‘same old, same old’ misogynistic, racist, homophobic practices all packaged up in some worn-out patriarchal suit.
      To raise myself out, to find my balance and calm my pounding hart down, I must write and paint it out. It is there, in the creative field that courage draws me out to face my fear that these ‘things’ will never change.
      They must.
      And they will if we continue to speak up, act out, and raise our voices above the fray so that those who have been bullied into silence can find their voices again.

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  2. I hear you, I agree with you. Yet when I read all 178 pages of the findings / recommendations by Judge Bastarache I was devastated. All those promises since the first cases were made public do appear to be just that, empty promises, words that look good but meant nothing in reality. The military went through the same exercise and what …
    Yes we must keep talking about it and only through a collective continuing rise in our voices, from just a low level hum to a majestic roar, that change may be effected.
    2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the Women, Peace and Security agenda, much like STEM. I am very familiar with this initiative and it goes beyond just women. 20 years old and yet very few are aware of its existence. But 20 years means something, gives hope that a voice, a few voices are being heard, effecting that change that we all dream of. I would like to think I did make a difference in my career, I gave a voice to women, quietly but effectively. I was part of that workforce studied by the Judge, and it was a tough slog, at times.
    I apologize to your followers for being so vocal. I survived, I garnered the respect of my male colleagues while so many others did not, could not. It was, still is, a quagmire yet I see some positive change happening.

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    • Dearest Iwona. Thank you.
      Please do not apologize for being vocal — we all need to be vocal. We all need to be aware — 20 years does mean something. I just posted my blog and then found your comment – a century since the enfranchisement of women — and still, we must keep fighting, keep going, keep making change happen. The whole world depends on us to do what we can — in big and small and in-between ways. And we do it all between mothering our children, taking care of our families and homes and building careers and changing the world.
      Thank you my friend for all you have done and still do to make this world a better place.

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