The Grinch Who Brought Christmas Home

Rick amidst the Christmas trees and balls.

I know. I know. Two posts in one day! What is this world coming to?

Well…. it’s coming to some amazing things. Like this story I shared on my IG and FB today which I just had to share here too!


Two months ago, he had a kidney transplant.

This week, clad in a toque and winter jacket and yellow and black pants imprinted with the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” he’s back to doing what he loves best at this time of year. Decorating the park where he used to walk his black Labrador Retriever, Trouper (I’m not sure that’s his name but I think it was.)

It is an act of Love. Of Memory. Of Community.

Since Trouper passed away several years ago, every late November Rick hauls bags of Christmas tree balls out of his basement, into the back of his car and drives them to the off-leash park where he used to walk with his four-legged friend.

Once at the park he places the bags in strategic points along the path with an invitation to other dog-walkers and passers-by to hang a few, or many, on the trees that line the pathway. Rick himself will spend hours every morning hanging balls and tinsel everywhere he can in the park.

Within days, the park is festooned with balls that glisten in the morning sun amidst the branches of the trees. A big sign will be hung above the trail, suspended from two trees on either side of the pathway. It reads, Candy Cane Lane. Another sign will be posted further along the trail with photos of Trouper and Rick and an invitation to take a candy cane from the red and white canes that are hung from the branches of the tree beneath which the sign sits.

“I just love how this brings community together,” says Rick.I just love how Rick does so much to bring community together to create something beautiful.

14 thoughts on “The Grinch Who Brought Christmas Home

  1. This just marked , for me, the beginning of the Christmas Period.
    That’s divine!

    Our Flower Group will, in a team effort, decorate our church next Saturday, for the duration of Advent and Christmas. We had 2 preliminary get-togethers and know what we need to do. Although numbers of participants in services are greatly reduced due to, you know what restrictions, we always have lovely decorations and since every one of us has different styles and ideas, it’s always a welcome and cheerful sight, coming into the House of the Lord.

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    • I’ve written often about changing the flowers in the church with my mother when I was a little girl Kiki. As I read your comment and can see you and your Flower Group quietly placing flowers and decorations throughout the church. What a beautiful vision. Thank you! ❤

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    • Thanks Tiffany! I’ve got a poinsettia in the house. I put a wreath on our front door and now… following your inspiration… the lights will go up! Thanks — yesterday, when I walked in the park I discovered the Candy Cane Lane sign is already up! Woo Hoo! Maybe today the candy cane tree will appear. 🙂


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