July Woman – She Rocks #ShePersisted

Rock the Boat – July Woman #ShePersisted 2021 Calendar – to view more of the series click HERE

When the ship is going in the wrong direction, you can’t change course without making waves.

You gotta rock the boat to stay off the rocks. Especially if those rocks loom closer and closer.

Holding steady when you’re sailing towards the rocks is not a good plan. You gotta rock the boat to stay off the rocks. You gotta change course.

July Woman is a reminder making waves is not about ‘playing safe’. It’s about creating a safer course for all humanity to find calm waters and safe harbor in all kinds of weather.

She’s the Warrioresses cry to stand up, be heard and to let your courage draw you out of fear. Fear will only drown you in its insistence that rocking the boat will cause you to fall overboard. Courage gives you the confidence to know that falling overboard isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Drowning in apathy, ennui, despair and desperation is.

July Woman says, rock away baby! Rock away!



7 thoughts on “July Woman – She Rocks #ShePersisted

    • That’s for sure. And then yesterday, our Premier came out with more restrictions…. they rocked the boat a bit, but… our count is deadly and rising. Though shutting off in-house gatherings is definitely a good start I’m not sure it’s enough. I sure hope so!


  1. Rocking the boat needs control so it does not tip or roll over. Part of that exercise is to know how far one can rock and methinks the SHEs have a better approach than the HEs. This is evidenced by the multi-tasking abilities that are the forte of women, and that includes their uncanny ability to show empathy while being in control.


    • I’m with you Sistah! Though sometimes, the boat really does need to be jettisoned to force us to learn how to swim without relying on a leaky structure… That’s where compassion plays such a significant role. Not everyone knows how to swim so we must teach them and for those who are unable to learn, support them where they’re at so that they don’t drown and always, we must help them to the safety of solid ground. 🙂


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