Love Is Always Present

There are moments when I forget these times. Moments when the reality of stay-at-home orders and masks and climbing case counts and even more sobering death tolls do not invade my peace of mind. And though those times feel fleeting, their presence warms me like my 5-month-old granddaughter’s smile or my grandson’s laughing insistence, I “look at this, YiaYa” when we visit on Facetime.

I cherish those moments of forgetfulness. They are precious.

Finding grace in a hurting world can feel hard. Yet, finding grace is essential if we are to lessen the load of worry, fear, sadness and angst that seems to engulf every conversation, in the real and virtual world.

“I’m not sleeping,” is a reality expressed by many.

“Stay safe,” has replaced ‘have a good day.’

“I am so sorry for your loss,” has become a too frequent salutation.

And so, to ease my mind and heart, to bring me back to grace and gratitude, I go into my studio and immerse myself in the creative process. It is there that I find myself breathing deeply into the expansiveness of the moment. It is there that I find myself coming home to my heart.

It isn’t that I no longer care about the state of the world. I care deeply. But, as I do not want my ripple to be felt in waves of worry and angst, I commit myself to doing everything I can to ensure my ripple flows out in calm undulations of loving-kindness.

Peace of mind comes with accepting that, though there is little I can do physically about all that is happening in the big, wide world beyond my studio doors, there is much I can do, must do, to tend to my heart and nourish my circle of influence.

Immersed in creative expression, my heart and I have the courage to bear witness to all that is present in our world today, without expectation it is anything else than what it is. Absorbed by the muse calling me to express my heart through words and images, no matter what is happening in the world out there, inside me, I embrace reality. In Love.

In Love, all things seem less daunting or frightening. All things are possible.

For awhile, it seemed like Christmas would allow for in-house gatherings, albeit small, but at least some. But, the onslaught of the viruses incursions into homes across the province has dictated no in-house visits with anyone other than those who currently live in the home.

Facing a Christmas without family and friends has felt like a daunting prospect to me. I have struggled with finding a way to create a sense of connection, to share my love and joy in the presence of those I love even when we are not gathered around a table.

And so, I asked the angels to help me find a way to still create wonder and magic around a dinner table that will be missing so many hearts and faces.

And that’s where the angel placecards I’ve been creating come in.

Each angel will bear the name of someone who would have gathered around our table if times permitted. Each angel will be a messenger of love.

Immersed in their creation, I forget about ‘loss’ and those I miss and find myself in the beautiful, healing spaciousness of grace and gratitude. As I paint and doll up each angel, without conscious thought my mind and body focus on all that I have and all those who make my life so rich and beautiful.

And ‘the missing’ eases its grip and falls away.

Whatever your celebration, may we all find ways to ease ‘the missing’ this holiday season.

May we all find peace of mind and ease of heart no matter how dark the skies or few the faces around the table or painful the memories of Christmases past.

May we all know Love is always present. Where ever we are. Whomever we’re with. Whomever is missing.

And may the angels always kiss your heart with wings of grace, love, beauty and joy.



About the angels:

I painted 14 x 11″ sheets of Yupo paper with alcohol inks. Cut each sheet in quarters and with a stencil I drew and cut out of a sheet of computer paper, I traced the angel onto the back of each painted yupo sheet and cut them out. I painted their faces with acrylic pens and glued on glitter and glitz with a glue gun. The halos are thin wire covered in ribbon.

13 thoughts on “Love Is Always Present

  1. Your first few paragraphs is exactly where I am at. It feels like staying home is doing nothing and there is so much pain and suffering and the news is so overwhelming. I am so blessed that our grandchildren are in our bubble and I can continue to have my fingers tugged by the littlest or engaging stories by the eldest. I am, once again, sleeping badly and I strongly suspect it is Covid related. Stay strong and embrace the pluses Louise as you are doing. Take care. Bernie

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  2. I can feel calm and peace settle in my spirit as I read your creative and loving post.
    Your solution to turn to positive creativity is wonderful. Your Angels are so special,
    I love how you put these colourful beings at a table together.

    Feel called to create some place card myself, bright and filled with life.
    Thank you for this post, Louise. šŸ’–


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  4. Beautiful Angel Place Cards and written thought. I especially love your commitment to” doing everything I can to ensure my ripple flows out in calm undulations of loving-kindness”. I can only imagine the world we might live in if everyone embraced this kind of love for self and other.

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  5. Contrary to you I can’t even remember what Christmas was as a family affair. For far too many years we couldn’t ever be all together – and it started early when my mum, already a widow for years, ‘couldn’t take the noise and everybody talking across every table with everybody else, was joined by my brother with a tinnitus (especially great NOT as we also are all singers and musicians – and he’s one of the most gifted), one sister who threw a tantrum every Christmas, various partners of younger generations who didn’t somehow fit in our chaotic and rather loud family get-togethers…. so we had to split in some ways. But us being abroad and ALWAYS having had problems around Christmas, losing our flights for illnesses, not getting anywhere in time because of the weather, etc etc etc….. So in this case, our Christmas will be more of the same – just the two of us with a modest meal, music, reading, lots of candles lit everywhere – the youngest sister is AGAIN in hospital, collapsed in the night before, for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, just out of hospital…. the list goes on – it’s not easy to find the necessary peace and contemplation and to SEE and be immensely grateful for all the GOOD STUFF we experience daily, the kindnesses we receive. I like that last pinkish angel, she looks a bit surprised and Jennie is a nice name for her. She could be Kiki too….


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