A Little Privacy Please (An SWB Post)

Beaumont follows me everywhere in the house. Including the bathroom.

Today, he gives me a lesson in every dawg’s need for privacy.

Click HERE and come and join him on his blog. He’ll be really happy you did! As I’m sure so will I ’cause I’m hoping someone agrees with me — he is incorrigible! 🙂

and… just to entice you… here’s a preview…

A Little Privacy Please

Beaumont: I don’t get it.

Me: Get what Beau?

Beau: Why I can’t come in.

Me: I’m going to the bathroom Beau. I would like to go alone.

Beau: You don’t let me go alone.

Me: That’s different.

Beau: Different how?

Me: Well… you go outside. There’s no door.

CLICK HERE to read the rest.

10 thoughts on “A Little Privacy Please (An SWB Post)

  1. This is hysterical. And perfectly right on.

    I have given up ever peeing alone. Abby usually gets a drink of water before following me in- thus wet face fur- and likes to come and give me a leg smooch. Just in case I didn’t know she was there.

    Lilli Ann Carey Managing Broker, GRI, ABR Coldwell Banker/Danforth 206-718-1858 lilli@att.net 26 years of satisfied clients


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    • Yup! Exactly what Beau does. Our ensuite has a glass slider door. Beau couldn’t open it until my daughter’s cat came and stayed with us and taught him how to nudge it open with his nose. Now… there’s absolutely no privacy – unless I use the powder room or guest bathroom which have doors that close — but when I close it tight, he sits outside, puts his nose to the crack under the door and breathes loudly! 🙂 They are definitely silly pups! 🙂

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