When the blues get you down – Create your own sunshine

Spring Dreams – mixed media on 10″ x 10″ x 2″ birch board panel

As Covid restrictions stretch into February and vaccination timelines stretch even further out, I find myself drifting between feeling weary and resigned and wanting it all to just go away so I can ‘get on with life’.

Life is what happens to you while you‘re busy making other plans”.

That line, used by John Lennon in his 1980’s hit, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) originally appeared in 1957 in Reader’s Digest as a quote written by Allen Saunders.

It is true today as much as it was back then.

No one on this planet planned for a global panedmic to disrupt our daily lives for a year, and more. Okay. Well maybe some scientists and world health folk and disaster planners did. But for the majority of us, we planned on life as normal.

And then… this all happened and now, I’m planning on not planning as I wait….

In the waiting, there are moments when all I want to do is stay in the weary. To simply sink beneath the weight of this winter cold snap by curling up under a blanket and not coming out again until ‘it’s all over.’

Beaumont the Sheepadoodle. Daily necessities. Living with my beloved. Family and friends. They all play a role in helping me find grace in the wearies and hope in the possibilities of this moment right now leading to one day, soon…

And when none of that works, when I still struggle to lift my head off the pillow and greet the morning with a smile and a grateful, ‘Good Morning World!’ I know it’s time to ‘create my own sunshine.’

Now, I know that sounds trite. And I know there’s a space inside that wants to yell “No Way! It’s not that easy! And that won’t work anyway. Look at the world. It’s a mess and I’m just going to be a mess with it and nothing and no one can tell me otherwise and I know I should do something about this dark space but seriously this dark space is comforting and what can I do it’s all such a mess and I’m so confused and I have no idea what to do and I’m so tired of having to pick myself up again and again and I just want to keep falling down but I don’t know where the bottom is and what if I fall and can’t get up and what if I get up and just fall back down and what if the blues are the only place I’m safe and what if….”

The mind can be a busy place when the weight of this weary world settles in for a nice, long winter’s nap.

Except, there’s not much that’s nice nor ‘nap-like’ when the weight of the world is settled in.

Which is when I head to my studio, or my journal page or outdoors for a walk (yes. even in the frigid, seriously cold temps we’re experiencing right now).

Doing something that gets my blood flowing, my energy moving and my creative juices going is good for whatever ails me – including the blues. (and especially in those times when I tell myself it just won’t work or it’s too much bother!)

Yesterday, in that space where missing those I love felt like a clingy, wet blanket of doom, I knew I had to create my own sunshine within my heart so that ‘the missing’ didn’t become the reason why I didn’t have to do anything other than let my moodiness carry me to the sofa as I drifted through a day of mindless social media scanning and Netflix binging.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think the occasional day of doing little other than curling up on the sofa is a lovely antidote to these times in which we find ourselves.

I also know, that for me, one day can slip into two, then three and on and on until I believe doing the sofa curl-up under a dark blanket of gloom is the best thing for me.

Which is why yesterday, I challenged myself to doing something creative to create my own sunshine — like making a video to go with the Morning Dance Haiku I wrote earlier in the day. Creating and posting the poster for my Vision Board Workshop. Creating a new piece for the art show I’m in this June. Turning up on a Zoom call with my writing circle (that little voice inside was niggling at me to not turn up!). Taking an extra-long afternoon walk with Beaumont.

This morning, I feel lighter again. No. The pandemic hasn’t disappeared and the world hasn’t suddenly righted itself, but I feel the hope. I feel the light. I feel the possibilities.

And yes, I still miss seeing and being with the one’s I love. I still miss inviting people into our home and going for dinners in restaurants with friends.

But the missing isn’t a heavy cloud of gloom. It is a reality of what I need to do to create a safe space for my beloved and I and all those I love to weather this storm so that one day… soon… we can all gather around a table and not miss faces of those we love because the darkness that consumed them is eternal.

The question is: What will you do to create sunshine in your world today?

I hope you share. Let’s inspire each other and shine a big light for all the world to see in the dark!

18 thoughts on “When the blues get you down – Create your own sunshine

  1. Yes, yes, yes! We all are entitled to experience a COVID-weary day every so often. After all we are human or as Beaumont would say hooman. The key is to recognize it as such, shake off the stupor, and move on. Create, communicate, collaborate even console are my modus operandi these days. There is one more C allowed – crawl into one’s safe space to reflect, re-energize, rejuvenate. Your video is proof that one can rise above that weariness, that fear which COVID has so insidiously allowed to penetrate into our psyche.
    The sun is dancing on the still pristine snow on this cold day, need to get out to enjoy the fresh air, clear the cobwebs and hit the studio. Cheers!

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    • I love your 4 C’s and your 3 R’s!

      And it is insidious isn’t it? This Covid fear slithering through our psyches. Thanks for that! It’s nice to see it for what it is and to name it thus.

      Hope you had an amazing day in the studio! ❤


  2. I’ve been attracted to fabric these last couple of weeks. I have words I should write but somehow all I to do is quilt and sew. It’s one of my happy places. Seem to be lacking motivation to exercise but the dogs make me get my 30 mins in outside at least.

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    • I think these times call for us to claim our right to our happy places without guilt or rumblings about all the other things we ‘should/could’ be doing! And I thank Beaumont every day for getting me moving! ❤


      • Charlotte keeps shifting around in my head. I have some volunteer research and writing I “should do” and yet I keep sewing! The sunny days draw me upstairs to my happy spot and then once I start it’s like I have to finish!

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      • The nice thing is, Charlotte will still be waiting whenever you are inclined to connect with her again. The beauty of writing like that is – you determine your pace. though… as one who’s keen to see what happens next… 🙂 No pressure though! 🙂 Enjoy your sewing and your happy spot in the sun!


      • It seems Charlotte wants out of my head but then again the quilt is calling me to finish it up. Pressures galore but of the good kind. The kind that keep me grounded and not just mindlessly walking through my days.


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