Beau’s Rules for Being…

Rule no. 1 — do not put your dawg in a hooman hat!

Beaumont has asked to interrupt our normal Sunday conversation so he can share his rules for being a better hooman.

Says Beau… Dawgs know how to have fun! We are 100% immersed in the joy of play while you hoomans are 100% immersed in getting it right. Life isn’t about getting it right. It’s about doing the right things at the right time and not sweating the stuff in between.

So here’s the deal folks. You can learn a lot from us four-legged’s.

He sure hopes you join him on his blog, Sundays with Beaumont today — you know what to do… just click the link HERE.

Oh. and btw… here’s a song he was singing this morning… just because…!

5 thoughts on “Beau’s Rules for Being…

  1. I admit, Beau, I had to laugh at your hat. I agree human clothes are for humans. Humans are always worrying about getting everything right, dogs live in the moment.


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