Yes I Can!

She whispered to the sun and the moon and the sea and the trees, “Yes I can!” and the sun and the moon and the sea and the trees gave her wings courage.

And with every whispered, “Yes I can!” her dreams grew brighter and her wings grew stronger.

Heeding the call of her hart’s yarning for companionship on the way, she joined hands with her sisters and together, they created a better world for everyone.

While I do not think that ‘time’ is the healer, I do believe it makes space for healing. As in, my head is feeling better after getting bonked by a mirror a week ago.

I find this part of any healing journey fascinating. Each day there’s an incremental difference until one morning, like today, I wake up and feel like I’ve fallen over the side of ‘will this ever end’ and am now floating in a vast pool of sunlight where ‘this’ is no longer swimming right in front of my face but drifting off with the river’s flow. And though the bruising and cut are still visible, inside, where it matters most, I feel the sunshine bathing my face in its golden glory, the wind whispering sweet nothings through my hair and the cool crisp air of the morning dancing on sparkling rainbows of light on the river of life flowing freely all around me.

It’s a brand new day!

And I feel all new and shiny again.


Which also means, my postponed trip to help my daughter and son-in-love is back on. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning, bright and early.

I am grateful.

It’s funny how tables, and life, turn. When my daughters were young, my mother was the last person I wanted to come and help me as there was too much angst, too much drama in our relationship to make her ‘help’ a welcome gift.

With my daughter, we have created a relationship where my help is welcome, where my presence is a gift for both of us. My mother’s heart flows full of gratitude for my daughter’s welcome embrace and willingness to constantly grow our relationship in Love.

I am blessed. Grateful and feeling full of the grace of life and love.

I won’t be online much for the next couple of weeks. I wish you a beautiful spring sojourn.


About the Artwork

This is spread 6 & 7 in my Learning to Fly art journal – as with all the pages, it is in response to my 20 Attitudes and Actions on living the life of your dreams — These pages are a response to Attitudes and Actions No.s 10 &11 –

10. Write down all the reasons you can. Post your list on the mirror, the fridge, somewhere you will see it every day—read it often—and add to it everyday.

11. Tell a friend/mentor what you plan on doing. Ask your friend/mentor to be your accountability buddy.

15 thoughts on “Yes I Can!

  1. The Middle Kingdom, bathed in glorious warm sunshine, with still a slight bite to the northerly breeze, is weighing in to add voice to “Yes I can”! There has never ever been any doubt in my mind that there was something I could not do. Although there have been moments when I was questioned, cajoled and even harangued that NO, this is not a job for a woman, for you. I learned that from my Mother who endured so much in her life from losing a country she called home, to fighting in the Polish underground, concentration camp, to settling into a new life in a new country that accepted her for who she was. “Yes I can” has been my motto supported by many male colleagues and friends who believe in me. That kind of support is priceless. Top it off with a Mother’s support – Louise, your girls have it made’ they are so lucky to have you as a Mother, friend, mentor and confidante.
    Enjoy your sojourn in Vancouver. Stay safe, healthy! ❤️❤️❤️ To all.

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    • Your mother’s story is amazing Iwona — one of the many things I admire about you is your Yes I can attitude and heart. – you inspire me always.
      And thank you — being with my grandchildren is very heart-filling and heart-healing. ❤


  2. Oh my, l seem to have missed rather a LOT of Louise news lately. I shall now read ‘backwards’ until I have caught up with you where I left to lick my own wounds and sorrows.
    Anyway, from the little l gather here, a joyful time has started in your life and l hope with all my heart that great joy and love accompanies you through your next days and weeks.
    Sending oodles of love your way. Kiki


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