Why I Art Journal

Art Journal page – created in 2015

I am a visual thinker. I imagine/see/experience things in my mind’s eye – what’s in front of me, what’s behind me, what’s inside me, what’s beyond me – before I get to the touching, feeling, knowing stages.

It is my pathway into understanding, learning, growing, evolving. It is as much a part of me as my heart, limbs, skin, bones.

Which is why I art journal.

Art Journalling is my pathway to embracing all of life… its sometimes inexplicable, ineffable and incomprehensible moments as well as its exquisitely moving, breathtaking ones.

It brings me home to my heart. It reminds me to let go of judging and move with grace into acceptance, gratitude and trust.

Art Journalling soothes me, excites me, awakens me to the wonder and awe that is everywhere, in all things, in all ways of being present with, in and of life.

And… it reminds me to stop looking for ‘the path’ and let the path appear as I create.

Another gift of art journalling is its awakening of the muse within me because, while I often speak of her as being ‘out there’ she is actually ‘in here’. Within me, all around me, everywhere. Through art journalling, I connect with her flow and find myself unravelling the knots that get tied up in my thinking I know the way, I have the answers, I get it.

Art journalling reminds me, there is no need to ‘get it’. The gifts are in letting go of ‘getting’ to fall effortlessly into BEING. Of it. With it. Within it. All.

That’s why I art journal. It keeps me grounded in my heart and whole body and out of my thinking mind. It fills me with hope — that there is a way through everything even when I think all hope is lost. It brings me great peace full of the possibility in all things, all people, all life. And, it brings me into deep, abiding connection within the exquisite, ethereal and mystical nature of the world around and within me.

If you’re interested/curious about art journalling, I have a few short posts on my website on How to Begin. I’m working on updating them with videos but for now… they are a good place to get acquainted with, not just the ideas and concepts — and lack of rules — of art journalling, but also your own creative core. Because… the lack of rules is what intrigues me and excites me most about art journalling. It’s always, always an expression of YOU! And what could be better than that?

I hope you pop over and check them out — and let me know what you think. Please. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings and ideas.

Much gratitude.

Click HERE to access The Art of Journalling

17 thoughts on “Why I Art Journal

  1. As I sit in my breakfast nook, perched on a stool, noshing on breakfast, up comes today’s edition of your blog. Good reading as I ponder how to tackle the myriad of potential tasks, must-dos and wanna-dos. We are heading up the valley shortly, will be driving in rain, in anticipation of a cooler weekend, I decide that MY MUSE, haven’t given her a name yet, prompts me to rethink my choice of reading material, paperwork I am taking to tackle as it will be a wet, damp, cool few days, etc. MY MUSE instructs me to slow down my over-thinking of THE LIST and chose one thing to concentrate on. The older one gets, the more determined one is to try and do everything. Relax, the “do everything” approach to creativity will send one’s blood pressure sky high, frustration levels will be all over the map, and nothing gets accomplished. Ergo, I am taking one project only, one serious book, and one book to relax with. Now there will be room in the vehicle! Thanks Louise for promoting MY MUSE to talk some common sense into me, once again!

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    • Isn’t it wonderful when we serendipitously receive inspiration from another that reminds us of something we’ve let go of or forgotten? And then, in the gift we receive, we give back by inspiring the originator through our words and actions?

      That’s what you always do for me Iwona. Thank you.

      Enjoy the lake. Love and peace to all.

      And tell M — You’re welcome — for the room in the vehicle! πŸ™‚


  2. Art Journaling – this is a unique talent and very much inspiring to me. Each sentence in your post is an affirmation and wise way of living reinforced for me. A lovely surrender into the art or it will have to be something different for me, that enlivens my spirit, enlightens my way ahead, so easefully and gracefully – my heart settled in this beautiful feeling after reading your post πŸ’›βœ¨

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    • I am so grateful that this post created such peaceful, grace-filled space of you Pragalbha.

      I hope you surrender and dive in. I hope you explore what can happen when you let go of the expectation of it being anything other than an adventure into your beautiful self.

      Many hugs.

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      • I truly appreciate your words of invitation to myself, to go into an adventure into myself, letting go of expectation – just what I need to drink in more deeply than how much I am in this surrender πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’›

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  3. I only have time to send you a parcel filled with a huge hug, a bunch of kisses and a heart-felt Thank You for your wonderful work and your inspirational way of expressing yourself. You shine a light on everybody who meets you and who has the good fortune to get to know you.

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