Ready for the Fall

I took the photo above on my walk this morning with Beaumont the Sheepadoodle.

An autumn breeze teases the leaves with its whispering incantations to “Let go! Let go”

And Mother Earth whispers, “I am here. I shall always catch you.”

and the leaves cling until tired, they can hold on no longer.

Leaves crackled beneath my feet. The river flowed in lazy consort with gravity’s pulling it along towards a distant unseen sea.

And Beaumont scampered through the fall-dry grasses and my heart felt light and easy.

I hope you are having a wonderful day in where ever you are on Mother Earth.


and… Beaumont has a lot to say today about my She Dares Boldly calendar (he thinks I should do one called Beaumont Dares Boldly! — Do come join him and please…. help me talk some sense into him! 🙂 What About Me?

10 thoughts on “Ready for the Fall

  1. Autumn is here, one can sense it in the air (not to mention one’s bones), the fragrance of falling leaves, the damp coolness of the breeze as it gently caresses one’s face uplifted to take in the blueness of the sky, no sun today, sorry.
    Life just cannot get any better. Oops, i momentarily forgot that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Please, please peoples, let’s pull together on this one thing. If we cannot agree on climate change, or everlasting peace, let’s at least face this beast together, for the good of everyone.
    Namaste ❤

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