She Dares to Take The Road Less Travelled

Art journal page. Mixed media collage.

It can feel comforting to take the road well-trod, the familiar path.

It can feel safe to explore again and again the well-known spaces of your life.

To take the road less travelled, to venture into unknown lands within you, that is the quest of the heroine.

It takes courage, curiosity, and a commitment to be open to what has never been known or seen, or experienced before.

It takes daring.


It’s back!

The Dare Boldly 2022 desk calendar She Dares Boldly 

You can check it out and order it HERE... (and for those ordering from outside Canada — Etsy’s shipping fees are out of whack — the only thing I can do to fix it at this point is to refund some of the shipping after you pay it — my apologies. It’s really weird!)

It makes a perfect stocking stuffer, teacher or hostess gift or something just for you.

Available on Etsy — for orders of more than 10, please contact me directly.

6 thoughts on “She Dares to Take The Road Less Travelled

  1. Absolutely stunning!! Artwork and message are so positively strong you should make a large size version. Put me down to purchase at least three.

    Liked by 1 person

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