She dares to nourish her dreams with flights of fancy

Dream big…. or go home.

I remember a boss saying that many years ago. A lot. He was an entrepreneur, building a tech company on what he called a ‘wing and a prayer’. The prayer being that what he saw as a future need, or pent-up-demand, as he called it, would be real.

It wasn’t. But that’s a whole other story.

What this story is about, scratch that, what my story is about, is learning to not only believe, but trust in my dreams. To feed them reality and flights of fancy in just the right measures to give them wings to fly!

Yesterday, I met for tea and a chat with the beautiful, soulful Kerry Parsons of The Academy of Emerging Women. Not to mention a visit with Toby, Beaumont the Sheepadoodle’s brother. (and no. I did not take Beau. Two of them romping together in a confined space is one Sheepadoodle too many!)

Covid has interrupted some of my most meaningful relationships. Kerry and I haven’t visited in a while, yet, as always, in her lit presence, my heart felt like it was coming home and I came away feeling inspired, full of ideas, and radiating with dreams.

The piece above was partially completed when I left for our tea. When I got home, I knew exactly where it was leading me. I sat down at my studio table and dove in, adding colour and marks, working on the woman’s face until finally, I felt complete.

When I began this piece I had an idea for a quote, “In a world of conformity, she dares to stand out.”

By the time I finished with the art, I realized that, while I really like that quote, it is not what this #SheDares woman is saying to me.

I worked on the quote some more, settling on “She dares to heed her dreams’ urgings to spread her wings and fly.


And then I dreamt on it.

This morning, I sat down at my desk believing in the quote and its meaning that had become clear to me while I slept.

“She dares to nourish her dreams with flights of fancy.”

The Message

Dreams yearn for space, air, and the breath of possibility constantly flowing through and in and amongst their delicate, sacred promise of what can be, if only…

Dreams are not static things grounding you in their weighty matters. They don’t fit in a box or work best when tied to order and predictability.

Dreams don’t grow in the ground. They take to the skies. They seek sea-infused air bathing them in sun-speckled imagination wafting through their feathery tendrils filling them with light and joy and unlimited hope.

Dreams yearn for flights of fancy. That’s how they find the courage to unfurl and expand into beautiful wings of possibility dancing on rainbow streams coming to life in all the colours of your dreams come true.

11 thoughts on “She dares to nourish her dreams with flights of fancy

  1. My first thought – How do I give more words to such deeply meaningful beautiful creation of your words and art?
    Yet I do want to say this – You so impeccably made dreams real and tangible to engage with. Your quote talks of nourishing them with fantasy – just stunning, and then – logical. She dares so and I love her for that.
    Dreams don’t grow in the ground. They take to the skies – such amazing truth that feels magical. Everything you say with that is pure poetry made liveable.

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    • I read your comment yesterday Prahalbha and its beauty left me breathless — I had to rest on it to come back this morning to thank you.
      I have always hesitated to dream — dreams were for sissies and they don’t put food on the table – was kind of the thinking pattern carried from my childhood.
      After I wrote yesterday’s blog I realized – I write a lot about dreams and dreaming and unfurling wings — and I love, love, love how you name it — pure poetry made liveable. Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. possibility is the word that stood out to me in your post. Not all dreams come to be active reality. And when they do not we can become depressed and discouraged and not see what is possible for us. One has to have some reality in our life to keep us from “just dreaming” and not being willing to try something we have never dreamed of. you are a good writer, able to bring thoughts out of the reader, that’s a gift.

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    • Thank you Wise Hearted — for your thoughts and reflections on my writing — that is a lovely thing to read this morning.
      Interesting… the story that appeared when I sat down at my computer this morning is a reflection of some of what you’ve written!
      Thank you! ❤


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