Men In Tights

Beaumont the Sheepadoodle has much to say about Grey Cup Sunday. And, as I’m still away, I’m reposting our conversation from Grey Cup Sunday two years ago.

I know… how dare I! 🙂

Apparently, according to Beaumont, it’s the least I can do!

To read the conversation, click HERE

He says Thank-you for coming over to visit! At least somebody cares… sigh… I think that’s another jibe at me!

Beaumont: Don’t think it! Know it! Because of course it is! You’re still away visiting The Littles and I’m still here staring out the window, pining for you, waiting for your return… I sure hope you bring me back something nice!

Beaumont:  So, what is it with you humans and having to watch men in tights?

Me:  Don’t you mean Men in Black?

Beau:  No. That’s a movie. I’m talkin’ about those guys in tights who chase a pig skin.

Me:  Oh you mean football. And it’s one word btw. Pigskin.

Beau:  Whatever. I must admit though, I do not understand why they’d chase a pig skin and not a pig. Now that would be way more fun!

CLICK HERE to read the rest.

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