Time Flows Like Water

Ice forms long slippering islands around the bridge abutments that stand silent and strong in the middle of the river as cars pass over its surface above, heading towards the city centre. Winter’s first blanket of snow has arrived, turning the world pristine white beneath its embrace.

I sit and watch the river flow. Candlelight glowing in the still darkness of morning not yet broken.

It is a week until Christmas Day and the world holds its collective breath, waiting for news to unfold about the latest tentacles of this virus that is holding us captive to its advancements.

I have not yet started my Christmas dinner prep. Place cards. Table centrepiece. Festive boughs. All the ‘beauty fixins’ that will greet our guests and say, “You are so welcome here.”

We will be a smaller than normal crowd. There is less safety in numbers so we adjust, adapt, accept the dictates of these strange times.

And still…

I wait.




To gather. To be together.

To be safe.

I wait. Hesitant.

I want to safeguard my hopes. Protect my spirit from disappointment.

Christmas is one week away. The world awaits good tidings and joy.

Perhaps, rather than waiting I shall step into festive preparation believing in its possibilities, knowing that in the creating, my spirits will be lifted, and in the glow of creative expression and anticipation, I will be safe from disappointment.

Morning has not yet broken through night’s darkness.

Time flows like the river.

Hope rises in the promise of morning light soon to awaken and I awaken from my lethargy as dawn breaks through the looming darkness.


10 thoughts on “Time Flows Like Water

  1. Hi Louise πŸ™‚ I truly hope that you were able to have that beautiful Christmas celebration with family, and that you are well and ready to start this new year in love and peace! Life sure looks different and even though it is almost two years of change, it doesn’t feel like there is a normal yet…
    But through the process we grab the moments that we can and we do the best that we can.
    Sending lots of love and light and wishes for good things in the new year! ❀

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    • I did Lorrie! I spent time creating and setting the table and cooking and preparing and it was lovely! I hope yours was as beautiful and festive as well! Sending you much joy and many blessings for this new year. My husband landed in hospital with pneumonia on New Year’s day which was a different way to greet the year — but… he’s coming home today possibly, for sure tomorrow for which I am deeply grateful! ❀


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