Wolves. Apes. and Baseball Pitchers (An SWB Post)

Me: Beau. Why are you sticking your tongue out?

Beau: What of it?

Me: It’s impolite.

Beau: Says who?

Me: Everyone?

Beau: Ahhh…. The ubiquitous everyone.

Me: Wow! That’s a pretty big word for a dawg.

Beau: And that’s pretty condescending, even for you, Louise.

Me: Oh Well… I just meant…

Beau: (interrupting me) I know what you meant Louise and it wasn’t nice.

Me: Right. Sorry.

Beau: I know you’re sorry Louise. You always are. Just like I bet you’re sorry you even brought up the conversation about my tongue sticking out.

To read the rest, do hop on over to Beaumont the Sheepadoodles place! He loves visitors.


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