The air I breathe.

No matter how difficult or dark the times, there is always something for which I am grateful. My breath.

Each breath is a gift of life filling my body with energy, fuelling my thoughts and giving me life. Too often I forget to say “Thank you” to the universe around me for the breath, to the trees for their role in oxygenating the air I breathe, to the sun for nourishing the plants that also contribute to the air I breathe.

Too often, I take each breath for granted. And yet, taking each breath for granted is vital to creating a stress-free body.

I have come to appreciate ‘taking each breath for granted’ as I’ve watched my beloved and the challenges he has with breathing. It is not easy to watch. It’s even more difficult for him.

And yet, no matter how difficult, each breath still comes. Each breath still matters. Each breath still carries life-giving forces.

Finding value in each breath reminds me to slow down. To breathe deep and to cherish those deep breaths. Slowing down, eases stress. Easing stress eases the aging process — and wonderful circle of reciprocity!

To give thanks for all of life that contributes to the air I breathe contributes to my well-being, it contributes to the world around me, it fills me with peace and joy..

What a beautiful circle of life.


I am off to a breakfast meeting this morning. Excited to be with @CalgarySeniors at the One For the Ages Breakfast with Keynote Speaker Carl Honoré! #seniors #ageing #ageingwell

4 thoughts on “The air I breathe.

  1. How timely your post this morning. Literally I value the ability to take a proper breath even more than a few days ago, having been given a diagnosis of bronchitis! Not Covid. When one hears one’s own lungs “sing” a tune of high-pitched wheezes interspersed with lowdown gurgles” it gives a whole new meaning to taking a deep breath. I can empathize what C.C. is living with. My Mother had that horrible disease. My own challenge in breathing normally makes me appreciate even more the need to be healthy as it affects everything we do, want to do.
    The sun is shining, the breeze is bringing autumn colours into focus, each breath I take is stronger. It was time to reflect, to slow down, to enjoy each day and not stress about what tomorrow may bring.
    Namaste 🦢

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