On Love. Family. Connection.

I am gone for the next week. Taking a hiatus. A break. A Love-fest of family time. Grandchildren. Daughters. Sisters.

We will all be together.

Pure delight. Pure love.

In the meantime. I’ll be thinking. processing. Conviving. Scheming. Planning. Ideaering. All that jazz on how to deepen this conversation on aging. How to deepen my awareness and connect more wholly to being of this age, any age, that I live.


8 thoughts on “On Love. Family. Connection.

  1. Enjoy your hiatus, the family time, the making of new memories. These are the precious moments of our lives that can never be re-created. If this pandemic pandemonium has taught us anything it is that we cannot take for granted the present, the future.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – a time to share with family and friends, a time to enjoy the harvest we share, a time to reflect upon how our past has shaped our present as we move into the uncertainty of a future. The devastation caused by nature in Maritime Canada and SE USA is a wake-up call for all. Be thankful for what you have, take care of what you have for there are forces greater than us that have the power to take it away.
    Namaste ❤️🦃❤️

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