The Steps You Take

You will take many steps today. If you’re following the science of healthy living, 10,000 will be your goal.

Those steps, as with every step you take throughout your life journey, will affect the quality of your life. Whether taken in resentment, anger, angst, or, harmony, joy, and love, their impact on your body, mind, health and journey will always be felt.

The steps matter and apparently, according to researchers, so do the number. 10,000 steps a day have value by improving heart health, body health, mind health. No matter the number, every step adds the quality of your journey as you age.

However, when you imbue each step with Harmony, Joy. and Love, you create a world of beauty all around and within you.

How we take each step, who we take each step with, what we imbue into our steps matters.

Make your’s count by creating beauty, joy, harmony and love with every step you take.


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