Capturing Life’s Magical Imperfections

Life is full of magical imperfections.

I’ve always seen life through the lens of, ‘no matter how cloudy the skies, the sun still shines behind their sodden blanket.’

It’s been both a strength and a weakness, but, when I peel away the judgements that cause me to see my weaknesses as a roadblock to joy, I find that there is always a gift, always value, beauty and magical imperfections in EVERYTHING.


It just means that sometimes, life is asking me to dig deeper to find them.

Now, I also acknowledge that my rosy outlook is also a result of the inherently privileged environment in which I live my day-to-day life.

I have always had food on the table, clothes on my back, access to hot and cold running water, secure housing (ok, there was a brief period while I was in that abusive relationship where that wasn’t true) access to education, employment, health care and a host of other life necessities and niceties.

Being positive is easier when fear of nowhere to sleep, how to pay the bills, or worries about how to feed your children don’t cloud your thinking.

Which is part of the impetus for my She Dares Boldly Series. To inspire finding life’s magical imperfections in all things — big/small, consequential/inconsequential/ exciting/mundane.

I also admit, some days it’s harder to do that than others.

Which is when I need to take time for myself. I need to go back into the studio, write it out in my journal, share my sorrows, woes, and sadness with a friend, meditate, sit in silence and listen to my heartbeat, walk in nature or simply, be still.

Self-care is good care of your life and everyone in it.

Allowing and accepting the magical imperfections in how we take care of ourselves is part of the journey of aging and becoming ourselves.



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9 thoughts on “Capturing Life’s Magical Imperfections

  1. I’ve always seen life through the lens of, ‘no matter how cloudy the skies, the sun still shines behind their sodden blanket.’ I WISH!! I am very literal and even though the sun is there I NEED to see it. Perhaps it’s just SAD talking but cloudy days sap me. I have to push through the gloom outside that causes gloom inside.

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    • What I find interesting about you – from what I know of you through your writing, your blog, your beautiful photos and the things you share — you ‘push’ through that gloom with great passion. It’s quite lovely.


      • It’s easier now that I don’t work in a dungeon but when I did 40-60 hours a week without windows it was brutal. I just wanted to eat all the time. That was my coping. Not good. Now that I’ve got windows and can drop everything to focus on the sunshine and blue skies when they happen I am much better. Bernie


  2. Lately when asked, “How are you?” my immediate response is “Perfect, thank you.”
    Why you may ask? It usually leaves the person asking the question speechless. How can anyone be perfect? I know I am not – perfect. But in the context of what is going on around me, I am perfect. I have relatively good health, no debts, loads of free time to do what I want, when I want, enjoy the finer things in life like “wining and dining”, albeit in today’s climate of health concerns, it is with a select few.
    It is all in how one views life itself. I have accepted myself long ago “as is”. Therefore that is the state of perfection I strive to maintain and when life throws the odd curveball my way, I can handle it, my way.
    BTW, when I do respond, “I’m okay, or doing fine”, those who have gone through the “Perfect, thank you” routine know that all may not be well in my universe and then reach out to assist.
    Life is grand, imperfections and all!

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