The She Dares Boldly Manifesto

The She Dares Boldly Manifesto

Let me dare to hear the wild within calling me to dance.

Let me dare to invite the wildness of my heart to set my spirit free to leap and cavort as I throw my arms up above my head in a joyful salutation to the sun and the moon and the stars.

Let me dare to spin and twirl beneath a cloudless sky of blue infinity laughing and exalting in the sheer delight of being alive.

Let me dare to paint the world with childlike wonder, casting doubt and self-consciousness aside as I spread my arms wide to capture all the colours of the rainbow dancing in the magic, wonder and beauty of this day.

Let me dare to seek miracles, to believe in love and let go of holding onto unforgiveness and regrets.

Let me dare to drain every juicy ounce of goodness from the day so that as night settles in and I lay my head upon my pillow, my soul is soaked in a river of joyful celebration infusing my dreams with sighs of contentment for this day well lived beyond the realms of my imagination.

Let me dare to forget about the steps as I leap into this dance of life with wild abandon.


I have often written about my awe of the muse’s ability to flow in and permeate my body causing my fingertips to ooze vowels and consonants that form words marching into sentences I never imagined could escape from my keyboard.

The manifesto above was just such an occurrence.

Unbidden, but most welcome, the muse arrived as I sat down at my desk in the quiet darkness of morning light not yet broken and began to write.

I knew I wanted to write about the latest She Dares art journal page I’d created — I just didn’t know what.

I needn’t have worried. The muse knew. All I had to do was get out of my head to let her flow freely through my body onto the page (in this case the computer screen but you know what I mean) and become a manifesto I didn’t know I needed/wanted/had to write out.

My wish, the one I dare to dream, is that this manifesto speaks to your heart. I dare to dream you too will rise up and twirl about in childlike wonder of all the magic, beauty and awe in your world.

I dare to hope you dance.

12 thoughts on “The She Dares Boldly Manifesto

  1. That drawing! Magnificent – and your textures and texts! You ace it woman 🙂
    It’s surprising (or not) that I occupied my mind only this week with something I don’t do anymore, dancing without a reason, just out of ‘joie de vivre’…. I used to be so excited by life, sunshine, the moment, that I had to do a twirl, even when I walked on a street – but I couldn’t do that any more, either because I’m more self-conscious or ashamed or just don’t feel so ‘happy go lucky’ any longer. It might have to do with having my knee done out once more, maybe the final time before having to get a replacement (which I hope VERY much that it will never have to happen) or my age. Who knows – but I used to LOVE a little dance, or sitting on a wall and swinging my legs, or do a bit of hopping on an uneven path.
    So I ‘just’ dance in my heart.

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    • Ooohhh! Dancing in your heart is so wonderful! I dance in my studio a lot! And when I teach my art journalling workshops, I always make the class take ‘dance breaks’ – they can sit in their chairs and move their hands or stand up and join me, but we all must dance – it is the gateway into creative freedom! ❤

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  2. Awesome! The sun is shining here in the Middle Kingdom, sun caresses my face as I walk, enjoying the last vestiges of fall. Your muse has inspired me to get down to the studio and start creating. I will “dance” around the design wall trying to determine best choice of colours, patterns and I just know the solution will present itself in front of my eyes.
    As we are going back up the valley early tomorrow and life may be a tad hectic for 72 hours or so, I wish you and your readers a Happy Thanksgiving, be safe to stay healthy.

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