Today is an unwritten story.

Every morning I wake up and choose to write here, or not.

My story. My choice.

Every day, there are things I have to do over which there is very little choice or none at all. Like breathing. Bodily functions. Eating. Sure, I get to choose where and when and what I eat, but eat I must to stay alive.

Every day, my choices impact my quality of life, and if the science is correct, its duration too.

Which brings me to my thoughts about today – What choices will I make today that create the story I really want to tell about myself and to myself?

What kind of story do I want my life today to be?

A story of joy? A tale of woe?

Boldness untethered? Timidity quivering?

Living large? Playing small?

Signing out loud or silencing my voice?

What if, instead of just operating as if on auto-drive, you chose to get hyper-conscious of being here, right now, present and alive in this moment, writing your story as if it’s the greatest story you will ever have to tell about your life today?

What if?


10 thoughts on “Today is an unwritten story.

  1. Elgie,

    Great Q+As to yourself and your readers to address. I count 9 Qs in your piece, but who has 9As?

    You write so well describing that which we all need to question more and challenge ourselves to answer frankly.

    We can get more out of life by living longer or living more deeply as your questions prod your readers to answer.

    The answers – well, that’s a tough challenge, one most of us kick down the road. The solutions are three; live more ‘in the present’, live longer, or both.


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    • I met someone for coffee today. They asked if I wanted a ‘treat’. No thanks I said. Are you sure they asked again. I hesitated and then remembered the story I wanted to write about myself today. It’s one where I choose the things that are healthy and life-giving.

      I said no thanks and felt good about my choices and myself. 🙂

      Good question Mark — who has 9As?


    • So true — I think for me, it gets down to no matter what unfolds, when I start with the intention of making a great story out of the day, I find the light in darkness, the possibilities in bumps in the road and new roads in roadblocks appear without my having to grunt and push and groad my way through! 🙂


  2. I heard a motivational speaker once talk about “writing new stories” and not relying on our old ones. Take chances, make changes or stay on the same old rut. Even the day to day can take on a new look when we change how we see it (which was a different speaker). Focus on the 90%. Darcy Lang. So worth the time to listen to her..

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  3. Every day is an unwritten story ready to unfold, usually with great intentions in mind.
    While gainfully employed it was easier to have a draft story prepared. There was a bit of predictability in how one controlled or tried to control the day.
    Now that I am gainfully retired, best laid plans of mice and men approach seems to be my go-to format. Today I had great intentions of finishing a quilt top, just needed to cut four strips of fabric for a border, prepare the batting and backing and off to the long-arm quilter I go. In my dreams! Not to worry, there is always tomorrow. Stuff got in the way so I simply go with the flow.
    The warm sun is beckoning me to step outside for some clean fresh air, walk around the loops for tomorrow the wintry weather of ice pellets, etc returns.
    Ciao for now!

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