I want to grow old as if aging is as exciting at 70 as it was at five

Some say age is irrelevant. Some say it’s everything. Some, that getting older is hard. Others, that it’s not for the weak of heart, spirit, or mind.

I say, age, and aging, are what we make of it.

We can’t not age. Our bodies change and grow older with every passing day. And while we can’t stop the aging process, we can cultivate a young-at-heart state of mind no matter our age. We can consciously choose to remain spirited, open-minded, and mindful of how we see ourselves at every age, because, no matter how old we get, we always have the power to choose to not make our age the measure of our journey, but rather make our journey the measure of how we live our age.

I want to be as excited and enthusiastic about getting older as my grandson approaching his fifth birthday, counting each sleep left before the ‘big day’. I want to treat every day as the best day to be alive because reaching five, or whatever age I achieve, is the best age to be in this moment, right now.

I want to fill each day with memories to cherish and possibilities to fulfill. To stuff all the things that make my heart dance into each moment, unfettered by worry and confusion about what it means to be turning 70, or 80 or any other age I claim as mine. I want to dance wild of heart, living every day as if the question, “How shall I best live this day” is the only question I need to live into, every day.

I don’t want to feel like I’m crawling towards some finish line looming ominously like a dark cloud hanging low upon a not-so-distant horizon. I want to invite Lady Death to be my welcome companion. To run with her through fields of wildflowers blowing in the wind, to stand in silent companionship under a warm spring sun and feel its warmth on our upturned faces as we soak in the glorious nature of this day. I want to know that Lady Death is not lurking in the shadows waiting for some, indecipherable to me, signal that says, “Time’s Up!” but is dancing with me in the rain, catching raindrops on our tongues and splashing barefoot in mud puddles, arms wide open as we spin and leap with abandon. I want her to be my best friend. The one who comes and sits with me when I am scared of what comes next, encouraging me to stand up and live unafraid of whatever does come next.

I want to live as if dying is not the end of living, just the end of life as I know it. That, in living this life the best I can, I can trust Lady Death to take care of whatever glorious mystery lies beyond it, in its own time that doesn’t matter to me.

I want to live wild, free, and magnificently alive right to my last breath no matter how my body carries me across death’s threshold. A threshold I am confident will arrive in its own sweet time, saving me from having to discover whether or not I had a ‘best before date’.

Because I know, deep within my body, that I don’t have a ‘best before date’. I only have dates with my best days ever, days, not to be used up, but used to the fullest of my ability, no matter my age.

I don’t want to be used up by life. I want to use up life bite by scrumptious bite, savouring every morsel of life as if it’s some delicious meal inviting me to consume it to the very last delectable drop.

I want to live this life as if it’s the only life I have to live because it truly is the best life I’ll ever have and celebrating my birth date with as much enthusiasm as my five-year-old grandson celebrates his, is the best way to say as I blow out all 70 of my candles (and however many more are yet to come), “Thank you for this amazing, magnificent, glorious life. It is the best gift I’ve ever received. And my wish is on this day and every day, I use it well every day of my life.


11 thoughts on “I want to grow old as if aging is as exciting at 70 as it was at five

  1. I totally agree with everything you’ve written Louise but I do know that health issues can make that much harder than we, right now, can ever imagine. And that change can happen at.12 or 42 or 68. So yes we need to appreciate and be mindful of each blessing.
    And my granddaughter was so excited last week before her 6th birthday. I was surprised she managed to sleep. And those were her first whispered words, “I’m six now Nan.” ❤️

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    • They are soooo sweet and excited — I (almost) remember being that excited by my birthday way back then too Bernie.

      And yes, health issues can diminish our capacity to dance in the rain and leap for joy at sunrises, but my ‘plan’ is to never allow my state of health to diminish my gratitude and love of this life I call mine. That’s my ‘plan’ and I’m hoping by setting it as my intention and desire, I shall be reminding myself every day to see the beauty in each day and say a prayer of gratitude. ❤


  2. What a fantastic photo. Darling! I especially like this, “no matter how old we get, we always have the power to choose to not make our age the measure of our journey, but rather make our journey the measure of how we live our age.”
    Keep daring boldly.
    See you in the writing circle.
    Love and more love,

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    • Thank you Max. And yes, I agree. I have a chronic back issue that seems to act out more frequently. I realized after its last flare up that I have a responsibility to strengthen my abs and stretch my hip flexors more. Those things I can do. What I know I can’t do is stave off the health issues I can’t ‘see’ might happen. It’s part of the mystery I keep staying open to – and hope in my ‘openness’ I will be strong and courageous enough to deal with the unknown with grace and love. For me, I believe it’s my attitude that will create the space for grace and love to flow. Because you’re right – it can make it harder than we, right now, can ever imagine. Thank you

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