To Know Love…

We humans have an inate desire to know love. To feel it and be loved and loving.

Love carries with effortless ease our desires for belonging. Our need to feel like we fit in, like we have a place and purpose in this world. And despite our insistence ‘Love doesn’t come cheap, or isn’t free’, Love and asks nothing of us in return.

And still, too often, we fight its ways. We resist its presence and defend our hearts against our fears of being hurt by someone else’s love, reminding ourselves of all the ways others have hurt us in the past, as if memory can defend us against Love..

None of us love perfectly. We have that oh so human tendency to judge, criticise and blame. We tell stories on another’s imperfect love and how they hurt us without seeing that in our own beautiful imperfectly loving ways, we too have hurt others, and ourselves.

To know Love, to feel it, to be in its soul-filling flow, we must stop defending our hearts against our fear of what might happen, or could happen, or our self-assured belief WILL happen, if we let love in.

To know LOVE we must allow ourselbves to pull down the walls around our hearts and dance with joyful abandon in the freedom to see ourselves through Love’s eyes. In Love’s eyes, it is not our imperfections that count. It is our willingness to stand naked in Love’s light and let our beautiful imperfect human being shine bright for all the world to see, we are a reflection of Love’s beauty.

5 thoughts on “To Know Love…

  1. ” freedom to see ourselves through Love’s eyes.” – this is most beautiful moral of the story that our life is and everything you say thereafter is so perfect, your post is so true to heart, true to what & how Love is and all the humanness with which we stumble through it.

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  2. not sure sometimes if my comment takes.
    trying again.
    Divine is a good word which lead me to boundless.
    And something that seems big is kinda scary.
    But it seems we are meant to open up to it.
    A powerful yet delicate touch. Like a deep breath filling the lungs, it is life… life giving.


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