It’s all about presentation

I love how holiday dinners create a space where everyone contributes, old classics, new recipes, deviations on an old theme.

There is room for everything and everyone at a holiday dinner and our Easter dinner was no exception. Friends brought their ‘world’ famous turnip puff and gramma’s ham sauce. My daughter and partner their new fav (not to mention incredible) brussel sprouts in miso sauce), my sister the best scalloped potatoes and a dear friend a beautiful Polish themed charcuterie board.

I love to experimenmt in the kitchen.and test my creations on my guests. Which means, other than my roast potatoes, everything was new.

Like Crostini with Feta marinated in olive oil, preserved lemons and herbs (to die for!) and Caprese Salad with burratta, Carrots and Shallots in herbs and… my piece de resistance — a Chocolate Nest Cake with Chocolate Mousse and mini eggs. Even I was surprised how well it turned out!

Of course, for me, it’s more than just the food. I love the excitement of creating name tags for our guests at the table, and a tablescape that says, “You are so welcome here”.

As my mother always taught me, “Presentation is everything.”

We had Easter Dinner on Saturday night this year. I am grateful for the friends and family who gathered with us, and those who called and emailed to check in so that I could say, “I am so grateful you are in my life.”

I hope your holiday dinner was full of love, laughter, good food, great times and conversation! Oh, and some wine too! 🙂

9 thoughts on “It’s all about presentation

    • Thank you Val. As I was cooking away and my husband was reading across the room, he suggested I ‘take a break’ and relax for a bit. “You know I love doing this right?” And that’s the truth. I truly love playing in the kitchen! 🙂


  1. Oh your cake looks awesome! Yes we gathered and it was wonderful. A bit of this and that with some pot luck. Delicious hot cross buns. All feels good in our world at this moment despite the triple line up of injured people. Oh and what makes your sister’s scalloped potatoes better than regular? I am not a fan of them but if there is something I can do to change them slightly maybe I would like them more. Bernie

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    • Isn’t that a lovely feeling — when all feels good in your world? Right now, with the ice melted, the snow gone and little shoots of green coming up in the garden, I have that feeling — and early tomorrow morning I fly west to visit ‘the littles’ for a few days — all is well with my soul. ❤

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  2. Awh, that really looks so yummy, friendly and inviting. We had NO Easter meal because, after our church service, we had a ‘coffee morning’ which consisted not only of coffee but a delicious white wine, many home-made goodies such as ‘pleats’, sweet and with bacon cubes, panettone, Easter eggs and sweets, cheese, cakes, and the whole thing went on so long that upon returning home, we were absolutely ready for a nap and certainly didn’t need a meal! So we went after a moment of rest and change of clothes, for a long walk along our little lake and at 7pm we were ready for ‘a small bite’ and another glass of wine, red one this time. On Easter Monday we enjoyed our fabulous wild salmon from Alaska with linguine and a huge bowl of mixed salad leaves, that great, festive (and expensive) Italian Red and followed by mousse au chocolat and espresso.
    Today it’s Life B once more – I was just thinking of clearing away the tulip and ranunculus flowers I have everywhere… I have my washing day, did a 90’ walk with a hardy bunch of Nordic Walkers, came home totally soaked, so it was good to wash everything I was wearing and getting into dry clean clothes…. The small joys of a retiree!

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      • YES, the go-to word is FLOWERS EVERYWHERE…. I can’t live without flowers and tulips are amongst my favourite blooms, plus, you can get them nearly on Jan 1st already…. not entirely environmentally clean ‘upbringing’ – but at that moment, I simply don’t care. Now they grow already in my many pots and planters as well as in my mini garden (really tiny, and, being in a rental flat, actually not strictly allowed). I’m a happy (post Easter) bunny!


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