Safe within the Indomitable Power of Love

Have you ever heard someone described as (or have you ever described someone as) living with their heart on their sleeve, or that their soft-hearted?

Often, when a description like that is used, it also comes burdened with the unspoken undertone of amusement, or derision, of a sense that they are weak for not being more hard-hearted, or at least wise enough to protect their heart.

Because too often, many of us hold the belief, ‘you gotta protect your heart’ as our shield. Our way of keeping ourselves from getting hurt, or bulldozed, by life and all its vagaries.

I wonder if we’ve got it wrong?

I wonder if the fact is, living from the heart is living from our power, that indomitable, invincible, unconquerable place where there are no ‘shoulds’ because we always live from deep within the wisdom of our body, knowing that this, whatever it is we are doing right now, is the right thing to do, that this, whatever the this, is the most loving, kind, caring, creative and nurturing thing we can do to create better in our world.

I wonder if, when we live from the heart, what we’re really doing is letting Love guide us through every storm, every up and down and in and out, so that no matter what is happening in the worldd around us, we are always held safe, secure and steady in Love’s embrace.

I wonder…


I am off to visit my grandchildren, those beings of shining light and love who occupy my heart and fill it with immense joy, early tomorrow morning.

When I return on Tuesday, I’ll quickly refocus my attention to entering the Discovery Seminars room on Wednesday morning, a room where I know Love exists as a real and integral part of every breath we take and every thing we do.

I haven’t been in ‘the room’ for several years. Here in Alberta, I coached in the Choices room regularly — Choices was the predecessor of Discovery until COVID made it impossible for the facilitators to come to Canada. New leadership, new name, same intention — to open peoples’ hearts to the power of Love and our capacity to live fearlessly as our true authentic selves.

Colour me excited. Paint me grateful. Layer me with joy! I’m off!

See you in a couple of weeks.

9 thoughts on “Safe within the Indomitable Power of Love

  1. I love this Louise and I am so glad your going to help others at Discovery Seminars 😊 I know your wisdom and encouragement help me to this day and beyond. Choices and you brought out the best in me !!

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  2. Familiar, yet new. Enjoy!
    There is only one kind of love. But humans think about love, in relation with ourselves, and in different ways throughout our life.
    I believe that love is a power, but our lives and minds are limited.
    We have limits of life and temperature, etc, and our way of thinking can make, or prolong, pain.
    Lately I have been thinking of people that are battling things, and have used alcohol to help, and that did not make things better.
    That has caused me to consider what I use and how that has not made things better, but worse.
    People call that addiction, as well as other things, depending on how they look at it.
    It is good to consider, though too much of anything is not usually healthy, and we have to decide what is too much. Even consideration. Ha.

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    • OUr coping mechanisms run deep Nance. Sometimes, they help us weather storms. Sometimes they keep us battling the storm. Always, they are an invitation to step into Love.

      Not sure why I wrote that but it’s what came out when my fingers touched the keyboard. Your natural poetic rythym brings out my desire to write poetically. ❀

      And yes, Love is Love is Love. ❀

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    • Thank you my friend. I’m looking forward to it – sitting at the airport. I love when I get here ‘two hours before flight’ and 20 minutes after arrival I’m already sitting at the gate, latte in hand, watching the early morning goings on! πŸ™‚ It’s a delightful way to greet the day.


  3. Wearing your heart on your sleeve and tears in your eyes often feels like fodder for others, but I can’t live any other way. It’s just who I am. Enjoy your visit and your teaching season. Take care. Bernie


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