The Journey of Discovery – an SWB post

It is the morning (early/early morning) of the fifth and final day of the first segment of the Discovery Seminars program.

I feel tired (getting up at 3:30am does that – but then, I was asleep by 9:30pm last night so six hours is pretty goo…).

I feel exhilarated (witnessing hearts breaking open and miracles popping all around the room will do that).

And, I feel grateful.

Grateful for the opportunity to be back in the room after a four year hiatus.

Grateful to have broken free of my own stubborn belief I didn’t need to be back in the room.

And, grateful for the miracles I witnessed that remind me, miracles are everywhere. To experience them all I have to do is believe in the power of Love to heal broken hearts and dreams, to soothe fears about not being worthy and to calm troubled hearts aching to let go of the past.

What a gift and blessing this week has been.

Beaumont and I have a conversation about it this morning. As always, he reminds me that my ‘head brain’ is not always my best friend.

I hope you come and visit us at Sundays with Beaumont.


7 thoughts on “The Journey of Discovery – an SWB post

  1. There are few things as daunting, exhilarating, joyous and scary all at the same time – as _______.

    Teaching, lecturing, performing, or facilitating can be all of those in place at the same time. It’s like going on a blind date with a room full of people, all at the same time. What do you bring, and what will they take away? But, sometimes, magic happens – out of it all comes something that wasn’t there before – something nobody brought, something everyone can take away, something that was created there, or a new take on something that emerged there. To anyone whose never done it, there are few challenges as emotionally daunting, full of self-doubt about our material, whether we’ve prepared enough, whether they’ll hurl overripe fruit, whether they’ mutter ‘what the fuck was that?’, because know we all have. But sometimes, we get tapped on the shoulder by someone wanting to know more, and sometimes an outstretched hand of a stranger greets us out of the maw. Sometimes that hand is a steady grip of confidence; sometimes, that hand is trembling – or we are trembling, but there is no point in doing it all if we don’t take away lots, which requires that we give lots. Also, it’s great for us physically, we lose weight, and we gain so much.

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  2. Ooh my goodness such great memories of back in the day! Louise you were such a amazing coach💖
    Such a special person you are and I see continue to do so!

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    • Dearest most wonderful Barb. Thank you. Coming back into the room felt like coming home to my heart. I am not overwhelmed as much as saturated. In love. Joy. Satisfaction. Completion. Gratitude. Calm. ❤


  3. I loved reading this – the miracles and magic of hearts breaking open and sealing from within, imagining how good it would be to share space with you. And I love – ‘head brain’ is not always my best friend.


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