It’s Never Too Late To Have Fun!

It was 1am when the Uber driver dropped me off.

I could have been home for 11 but, as one of my companions at the Shania Twain concert and I walked towards a street a few blocks from the Saddledome where the concert was held thnking it would be easier to find a cab further away, we decided to join the others we’d shared the evening with for a drink.

Given the late hour, or early in the morning time to bed, you might think that was a mistake.

It wasn’t.

It has been a while.

A while since I spent an evening laughing with a group of thoughtful, compassionate, high energy, and fascinating companions exploring life as we sat perched around a hightop in a crowded downtown restaurant. We laughed. shared stories and a couple of plates of nachos (it was a Mexican restaurant) and then jumped into an Uber and got to the Saddledome just before the concert started.

For two glorious hours, we stood and cheered and hooted with the crowd, and sang along, as a diminutive yet mighty woman strutted her stuff and filled the giant space with her mastery of her art. When the singing and hooting and clapping ended, we went for a nightcap to talk about life, love, losses, careers, change, possibilities and on and on and on.

It’s the night cap part that did it. Put the cherry on the top, so to speak. Five of us huddled around a table in the corner of a bar at one of the city’s late night ‘in’ places. Giant windows separated us from the street where concert goers and late night partyiers walked past, gazing in. I wondered if they were checking to see if there was an empty table. There wasn’t.

At one point, I took a metaphorical step back and kind of watched myself sitting at the table, chatting, laughing, sharing stories and being part of the conversation. Except, my table companions weren’t of the grey haired set like me. They were my youngest daughter and three of her friends. Which is what made me sit up and pay attention.

“This is what you always imagined, Louise,” that inner sage voice whispered. “Spending time with your adult daughters.Sharing life’s moments, current and past. Building memories, unpacking old ones. Living life.”

It was wild.



Which explains (kind of) the late hour. Who wants to let a good time go, especially when it’s full of such electric energy? Not to mention, it’s been a long time since the last time I stayed out until the witching hour, drinking, laughing, talking and simply having fun!

My challenge is always, no matter the time my head hits the pillow. Morning still calls early. In this case, 5:45.

Definitely not enough shut-eye

Definitely don’t care.

Along with the concert itself, what made the evening extra-amazing was the company I kept.

They’re all 30 something. Talented. Successful. Building their careers. Building their futures.

I’m… well I’m 60 something. Okay. on the cusp of the magical era of my 70s. Leaning over the edge of leaving this decade for one that feels like an open playing field. Until those moments hit when I feel time leaning over my shoulder reminding me in its hissing slithering voice of doom, You ain’t a young chickie no more, Louise. Wisen-up! Though, it’s possible my hearings going and what it’s really saying is, You gotta lotta life left in ya’ Louise. Party On!

After a night like last night, I’m not sure I’m even close to getting the wisen-up part perfected. Perhaps I’ll just, Party On!

Then again… maybe I am, wisening up. ‘Cause if living my best life yet at any age has any relevance, last night’s frivolities prove – It’s never too late to have fun! (and stay up late!)


9 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late To Have Fun!

  1. Its all about being young at HEART Louise.Sounds like you had a great time.I too saw Shania last Saturday evening.Not only did she wear an Edmonton Oilers jersey that evening but she invited a young 28yr old woman on stage.The fan was dressed in a leopard print & her name was Shania.Rock on Shania…blond hair and all.
    BTW she looked amazing.
    The Queen of ME tour.

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    • Oh wow! What a great story Yolanda. She brought up a guy on stage who had a tattoo that said, I Love you on it on his leg. She was so funny and engaging. Just beautiful.

      And yes! Young at HEART! – the best way to live! 🙂 ❤


    • It was so refreshing Dale.

      LOL — re sleeping in. I’d love to! My body always has other ideas. It is a very rare occassion that I can sleep past 6. 7 is like a ‘get up and dance’ kind of morning! 🙂 My body has a clock that waks me up, wide awake. LOL — I like to emulate Ray Bradbury’s suggestion to ‘leap out of bed as if you’re stepping on landmines…’ 🙂

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    • ❤ ❤ ❤

      Miracles do happen Nance. At one point as we sat chatting after the concert, my daughter told the group that her therapist had once asked her if there was someone in her world she trusted 100% and she said, "I told her my mother. I know she will never judge me." And then she added, "Heck! Look at what she did. She abandoned me and my sister. Who could beat that?" (She was smiling at me as she said that.)

      But it's true. Who am I to judge?

      The miracle part is that even after abandoning them, we have built a strong, loving relationship — and are able to tease one another about the past –lol — believe me, my daughters love to tease me about abandoning them. there is no sting. Only love.

      Miracles do happen my friend. ❤


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