The Poetry of a river

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Art Journal Entry February 17, 2015 ©2015 Louise Gallagher

The poetry of a river
is heard
in the depths
of its joy
flowing freely
into the sea
of life.

The poetry of life
is found
in the river
of joy
flowing endlessly
into the heart
of Love.

I can’t remember where or when I read or heard the line, the poetry of a river,  but I remember thinking, I must remember that, it’s beautiful.

Last night, when I entered the studio to spend some contemplative time, the line appeared and the word/art flowed.

I am grateful for the quiet. For the time to simply be present in front of a blank canvas or journal page.

In the presence of its invitation to let creativity flow, my mind empties and I become full of wonder and awe at how easy it is to find my balance when I let go of holding onto the thought, ‘I must find my balance’.

I am neither out of or in balance. I simply am where ever I am, living whatever label I give myself for where I am.

In letting go of needing to find my balance, I find my path through the questions that are percolating on the edge of my consciousness.

I am in a phase of extreme busy at work right now.

I am planning a large event for 400 people for March 3rd, which entails not only planning for the event, but also editing, publishing, printing a large report along with a website and video. It is work I love but the timeframe to get it all done is very tight given that the date for the event was set at the end of January.

It’s meant some busy days, and as is apparent by the time at which I’m writing, sleepless nights.

Spending time in the studio is essential for me to keep balanced and present. Spending time in the studio is something ‘the critter’ would like me to avoid.

“Just veg out Louise,” he hisses into my left ear when I change out of my work-a-day clothes into my paint splattered comfies. “Go on. Sit in front of the TV and turn your mind off. You don’t need to create.”

Of course, there’s the voice of ‘uber conscientiousness’ trying to cut in too. “Louise. You have not yet read that report on Collective Impact. What is your problem?”

Ever notice how critters and other nefarious voices have a definite style and place? Mine sits on my left shoulder, jumping up and down in its attempts to get me to pay attention, flinging its arms and flapping its tail as it whispers un-sweet ditherings into my ear.

He likes to ensure he’s hard to ignore!

Fortunately, I know what’s good for me even in the face of his insistence he knows better.

Fact is, when immersed in busy, I need to give myself the gift of time to create in order to let go of the pressure building on my list of ‘to do’s’ if I am to avoid the panic that sets in when thinking about all I have yet to get done.

What’s your path to balance? Where do you go to give yourself space to be present?

17 thoughts on “The Poetry of a river

  1. Beautiful words! I love this insight Louise.
    Your studio reminds me of my yoga mat. When I roll it out, i find that place of being. We all need to find that practice or ritual that brings us to this sacred place.

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  2. I know this critter you speak of! I named him Eustace! I actually talked about him in my first ever blog post (blatant self-promotion, I know, but it really struck me how you personified yours as well). Basically my two other sides, Reasonable Self (your uber conscientiousness) and Decisive Self, have to harness Eustace’s impulsive powers into working for the common good.
    I like the idea you have here of just letting yourself go on paper (whether writing or painting). I need to do that more often.
    Your voice is very calming and sagacious but also humorous when it needs to be. I really enjoyed this.

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    • Hello Tom — so lovely to meet a bodacious southern boy! 🙂

      I think it’s very wise to give your critter a name! I sometimes call mine Slithering Snake, or Captain Awful — he can be clever and morph into other forms when he thinks I’m seeing him too clearly! 🙂

      Thank you for your words — and your visit. I look forward to following along on your journey. Your writing is lovely.

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  3. Louise I have a gremlin that sits on my shoulder and whispers negative talk all day. I feed him chocolate and he is quiet. Finding a balance between our waking life and the creativity is hard. When you arrive, (Im not quite there yet) it must feel so good. You sound so busy, I work from home on my art and I know what its like when things get thrown onto the apple cart it can stop all creativity. So I can only imagine how much you are juggling with work etc. You are amazing, the poem is beautiful and I love this ……..

    I simply am where ever I am

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  4. The title reminds me of a river, flowing down the mountains I happened to stay by about 22 years ago and I could hear the soft words it spoke to me, the lyrical quality of its song that it whispered to the boulders came alive. Thanks Louise for inspiring me to write about that song, which had receded far away in my memory.

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    • Don’t you love those gifts Balroop when someone writes or says something and you are transported back to a memory that warms your heart and lifts your spirits? I think it’s wonderful that is what happened for you with the river and its song. Blessings. ❤

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