Day 1. The Ultimate Un-guide to Hope. Surrender all fear.

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Last Friday I made a commitment to myself to explore the question, “What is the more I seek?

For the past five days, I have meditated on the word, “surrender”, the first one on the list I felt were all inclusive of my seeker’s journey. (surrender, hope, faith, mystery, loss, God, and the power of love)

When I began, I had no predetermined idea of the right or wrong way for me to take this journey. Others have shared their thoughts and ideas, their opinions and suggestions. I am grateful for their words and contributions. You have each cast light upon my path. Each helped me see more deeply into the unknown of this exploration.

It is, first and foremost, a journey into the unknown.

When I began, there was lots I knew, but to delve deeper beneath my known’s, I had to trust I was safe following my intuition, allowing myself to be vulnerable without fearing judgement, criticism or change.

It has been fascinating to be the observer and the explorer. To watch not just where I step, but how I step. To let go of stepping and to hold onto nothing.

I did give myself a timeline. Five days per word, each day a map of my journey leading me deeper over the edge of reason into the unknown.

What is the more I seek?

It is not a thing. It is not an object or objects.

It is a feeling, a sense of knowing, wonderment, awe. A way of being. Present. Alive. Open.

It is the journey itself, not the answer I seek.

It is the art of holding on to nothing to have everything.

It is the gift of being open to all the Universe has to offer and receiving it gifts without fearing its many gifts and offerings.

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Today, I begin again with hope.

I read the definition and I laugh out loud.

Hope means to trust.


Seriously. The Universe has a sense a humour and it loves to play its games with me.

Trust is my deep issue.

Trust is what I must always breathe into.

I hope.

I hope I can.

I hope I can do it. Know it. Be it. Have it. See it. Hear it. Feel it.

I hope I don’t get in my own way.

I hope I don’t forget to laugh. Cry. Leap. Jump. Dance and spin about.

I hope I remember to breathe into trusting the Universe and letting go fear.

I hope I remember to surrender… my fear of trusting.


6 thoughts on “Day 1. The Ultimate Un-guide to Hope. Surrender all fear.”

  1. Elgie,

    I am reminded of the story – when DeGaulle hosted Mao in 1999 – the French were celebrating the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. DeGaulle bragged about the progress of his country and asked Mao what he thought. Mao said, ‘we’ll see’.

    Your are painting a lovely picture of the beginning of a journey – perhaps like Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ – that could be labeled ‘Louise’s Search For Meaning’.

    For those of us along for your ride, it is thought provoking to learn what you are thinking, meditating on and exploring – bold and courageous of you to share. It seems almost like ‘no boundaries’ sharing. I wonder if doing this so publicly (though we are all happy to watch) will provide the best result for you – as opposed to doing it more privately and inwardly.

    It seems like you are somewhere on the path from sketch to masterpiece …

    ‘We’ll see’



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  2. I struggle with trust, too. More in terms of trusting people than unseen processes. Maybe that falls under faith. I still struggle with hope, I realize after reading this. I have some now, so that’s good. Hope tied to expectation leads to disappointment (thanks auto correct) – I was going to go with disaster. I don’t like to get my hopes up because I end up disappointed.

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    1. For the longest time I shared that same fear Kerri — of getting my hopes us and fearing disappointment. So I never hoped. didn’t dream. didn’t imagine a future… For me, it’s all about trust — to dream I must trust the universe to be aligned with me. It is for me. It is with me. It is of me. Some days, not such an easy thing to do!

      I”m glad you have some hope now! that’s awesome.


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