All of this, and everything better. Happy New Year!

Dawn awakens and with it a new year opens up with all its hope, possibilities and promise.

It is a time to flow into, flow with, flow through. Time to hang out, hang ten, hang onto those things which matter the most, and to let go of those things which have no value other than as dusty signposts collected in the past when they held much more meaning than they do today.

It is a New Year. 2018.

A year in which every one of us will grow older. We have no choice in the matter.

Where we do have choice is in the how of our aging. Will we choose to try new things? Explore new ideas? Challenge our assumptions?

Will we choose to grow wiser? Kinder? More vulnerable, open, thoughtful?

Will we choose to expand our thinking? Will we choose to awaken our dreams and take actions to make them real?

Will we choose to live true to ourselves? Will we choose to shine bright? Will we choose Love?

Or will we keep hiding?

For the next four days, I shall be writing about four simple actions we can each take to move beyond the darkness of hiding from our light so that we can shine brightly for all the world to see — there is always possibility. always Love. always a better way.

Day 1:  Make a list

What you’ll need for today’s exercise is a notebook and pen, and a willing mind. Find a comfortable place to sit without any distractions. Light a candle if you like, burn your favourite incense, put on soft music and sit quietly for a few moments sinking into the silence. Imagine you are a leaf drifting to the ground. Slowly. Softly. Gently.

Think about one area of your life where you feel unhappy, dissatisfied, that you’d like to change. Sit with those feelings for a moment and let them really weigh heavily on you. Now, in your mind, move yourself forward one year. Imagine you’re feeling exactly the same. Move another year forward. Feeling the same. Do it, until you can’t move forward any more with those feelings. (You may go three, five, eight, ten years forward. There is no right nor wrong place to get to.)

When you get to that place where the weight of your feelings just won’t let you move forward any more…

Open your eyes.

Open your notebook to two blank pages (left side/right side) and write down, on the left page, how you were feeling at the end of your mental pathway when you got to that point where you could go no further.

Write down everything. Be honest with yourself. Be open.

When you’ve finished writing, draw a line down the middle of the facing right page making two equal columns.

At the top of the left column, write the title:  I don’t want to feel

Below it, write down the words describing your emotions around whatever it is that is making you feel unhappy, dissatisfied, etc. Angry. Sad. Frustrated. Pissed off…

Now, at the tope of the right side of the column, write the title:  I want to feel

And write out the emotions that describe how you’d like to be feeling about your life in that area. Happy. Fulfilled. Energized. Fabulous. Content…

At the bottom of the right column, in big bold letters, write: All of this and everything better!

For the rest of the day, focus on All of this and everything better. Tomorrow, we’ll explore what is holding you to the I don’t want to feel side of the page.

The question for today is: Are you willing to shine some light on what ails you? Are you willing to step into the darkness to find your light?


6 thoughts on “All of this, and everything better. Happy New Year!

  1. Dear Louise! Thank you for a year of wisdom, guidance and gentle nudging to take ownership of one’s actions, opinions as we move forward into the uncharted territory of 2018. Sometimes closing one’s eyes as we step forward can bring some amazing results – have trust and faith in those around you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Iwona! Thank you. It is always a gift to receive affirmation from people I admire and respect — like you! And yes, sometimes, closing one’s eyes and having trust and faith in those around us is what we need! Many blessings for a beautiful and radiant New Year to you and M ❤ Hugs


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