In need of balance.

In my post yesterday on A Grandmother’s Code, I mentioned in one of my comments that I was feeling unsettled without access to my studio.

It was packed up on December 12th and is not likely to get set up again for at least a couple of more months. We are still in the throes of renovating our new home, and my studio will be the last piece in the puzzle of putting our home together.

As I lay in bed this morning thinking about not having a place to create with abandon (because that’s what the studio gives me — a place to paint without worrying about splashing, spills or slip-ups), I realized I need to come up with an alternative plan. A way to create without a studio.

People do it all the time. What am I waiting for?

Fundamentally, my studio represents more than a creating space. It is my home base. My sanctuary. My centering place.

Without it, I have been letting myself off the hook of being committed to my practice of centering, meditating and finding balance.

I have been slacking off.

And that’s not good for me.

Even my meditation practice has been impacted by this move. I am erratic in creating space for meditation and even when I do, I find myself wandering both mentally and physically.

All of which are signs of my inner imbalance.

Moving is not easy. And when the move takes three months, it becomes more about learning to live in transition than just being in transition.

I have not done a great job of learning to live in this new order of things. No matter how transitory, I am in it and need to be conscious of how I go through it.

So, today, I commit to starting a new awareness for myself of what it means to live in transition — while keeping myself balanced and centered with grace and ease.

To begin, I created a ‘path’ for myself to ensure I give myself room for assessment, alignment and action. My steps, as they currently appear in first blush are:

  1. Be conscious of where I’m at — physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
  2. Make an assessment of my ‘Balance wheel’.
  3. Decide on the priority areas to address.
  4. Make a commitment to do 1 – 3 things within each area to bring myself back into balance.
  5. Identify the 1 – 3 things for each.
  6. Commit to beginning and when necessary, begin again.
  7. Be gentle with myself.

It’s a new beginning, a new space, a new attitude.

I wonder what I can create?



14 thoughts on “In need of balance.

    • ABsolutely!

      It’s my attitude and mindset that have interfered with my balance — and the fact I actually had the movers pack my entire studio without keeping anything aside for working in progress during the move!

      I have bought a pretty vanity for our powder room and this weekend, I am going to paint it up! πŸ™‚

      Thanks Mark.


    • That is true Mary — I am learning to think of our renovation as my palette! πŸ™‚ (Though C.C. is not as enamoured with the idea of fuschia and teal and peacock blue walls! πŸ™‚ It’s okay. I’ll let my paintings be the colour. πŸ™‚


  1. Louise, the β€œworld” is your space for creativity. Just the simple fact that you are thinking about your studio-to-be and that you want to create is an act of creativity. My creativity space was in limbo when we moved so I took the time to creatively plan and strategize for when it would be totally functional. And, just last Friday I completely turned that studio around, for it took four months to realize that the setup simply was not suitable for my creative juices to flow. Just accept the fact that your I have at least six months ahead thatbyou will be in this limbo so work with what you have, and the outdoors is a perfect place to start.

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    • Iwona, I so appreciate your words. My heart feels easier and my breath more steady reading them. It’s nice to know you found yourself moving with such grace through this period! Thank you my friend. Acceptance is key. ❀


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