Frozen Shoulders and other aches

I have a frozen left shoulder. It hurts.

And one thing I know about pain… it’s not only physical, it’s mental too. It changes my outlook from bright and cheery to gloomy and dark.

Doing anything hurts. Though it does also make me laugh. Kind of.

Like when I try to blow dry my hair and can’t hold the hairdryer in my left hand so have to bend my body down to meet it where I’ve placed it on the top of the bathroom vanity, desperately trying to hold it in place with my hip so I can get some heat on my wet hair and brush it at the same time. Looking in the mirror I did create a rather odd perspective. And why I didn’t think to just hold the hairdryer in my right hand and forget about brushing is beyond me!

Who knew one frozen shoulder could impact every part of my body? Just goes to show, it’s true. Everything is connected to everything. And when one part of your body is out of whack, your whole body feels the pain.

My poor beloved is also feeling my pain.

I’ve not been the most ‘cheerful’ of people to be around. Which is probably why he took off on his 3 day golf junket with nary a ‘would you rather I not go?’ on Sunday morning. I’ve been wallowing in self-pity ever since.

Even Beaumont is keeping a low profile, though he is taking advantage of my lack of mobility by sleeping on the couch in the living room confident I’m not about to get out of bed to tell him to get off. Quite frankly, he can sleep where ever he wants right now. I just wish I could.

See. I’m whining and whining and the challenge is, whining does not make me feel better. Drugs do. 🙂 And acupuncture helps too. As do meditation and loving self-care.

Yesterday, I went to see the amazing Michelle for a treatment. It helped. Just not enough. She did tell me it could take a few treatments to unwind the damage. I believe her. At least the spasms are gone.

This morning I’m not feeling quite so helpless and in not feeling helpless, I’m able to hear the deeper messages of my body.

Louise Hay, author and self-help guru whose book, “You Can Heal Your Life” has changed millions of lives worldwide, says that any illness, whether mild or severe, is a reflection of what is going on in our emotional state. Shoulder pain is all about carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.

I relate. I’ve been dealing with a high stress situation at work and most of that stress has landed on my shoulders. In addition, Louise Hay also states that left body pain relates to the ‘feminine energy;’ When it’s out of balance, I’m out of balance.

See, that’s the thing about when our bodies are hurt. They are giving us messages but often, we can’t hear the message because we’re focusing in on the pain.

When I step back and breathe into the pain and ask it what it needs, I create space for my mind to hear what my body is trying to tell me.

And a lot of that relates to the thing I keep forgetting — it’s important to take good care of me.

This is my one body. The one vehicle I’ve got to carry me through life, moment by moment. Ignoring its needs, over-stressing it, taxing its capacities without balancing whatever I’m doing with healthy food and exercise and all the things I know are good for me, is not good for my well-being. Not to mention my attitude!

So here’s to taking good care of myself. Here’s to balancing my world with loving kindness and letting go of burdens that are not mine to carry. and doing the things I know are good for me while letting go of the things I know do not serve me well.

And more than anything, here’s to treating my body like my life depends on it. Because it does.



14 thoughts on “Frozen Shoulders and other aches

  1. Sounds like Bursitis has invaded your shoulder; the literature says it’s a 6-24 month recovery period – and I’m 10 months into that now and feeling much better lately. Ice and anti-inflammatory drugs are in your future. Beware the doctors who advocate a steriod shot – there is much evidence the mostly don’t work for most people even if they get it in ‘just the right spot’. I used a chiropractor and a massage therapist for best results. You’ll find you compensate by finding new, or as I call them ‘more efficient ways’ to do everything. As for the pain and self-pity, it takes a while …

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    • Thanks Mark. I love your attitude and the grace it embodies. I’ ve been using chiro and massage as well — but have to admit that Acu gives me better results. They did suggest a cortisone shot — which I am greatly avoiding. 🙂 Thanks.


      • I vacillated … I booked an appointment for ‘the shot’ three times, cancelled each one, and soldiered on; the best best BEST home remedy was the ice. Ice many times per day – it really works and there are no drugs or potions involved. I had it equally in both shoulders (a self-inflicted ‘overdoing it at the gym’ injury), and the worst was moving around and getting in/out of bed … I was amazed how much I relied on my shoulders. And putting on a jacket … yikes/ouch!

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      • I hear you re the jacket! OWIE!!!! I can’t imagine both shoulders at once! OUCH! How on earth did you drive? I’ve been one-handed mostly unless I use my right hand to lift my left hand onto the steering wheel. 🙂


  2. You have less than three weeks to get your shoulder under control or air travel may be a challenge! You are not going to let that get in your way oj enjoying a beautiful Eastern Ontario paysage of vibrant hues of red, yellow, orange colours interspersed with greens and browns. Mind over matter with a bit of help from therapists will put you on that plane. And if that does not work, a glass of wine or two or even three will do the trick.

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