Trees Fall Down And Nobody Yells At Them.

I didn’t do it.

No excuses. No reason why not (well actually I have a lot of those but you don’t really want to hear them).  The fact is, I did not reach the 50,000 word target of the NaMoWriNo.

And I’m okay.

When the time is right the writing will be written, I shall continue on.

At this moment in time, I am having way too much fun in my studio, creating a new platform on my website for creative offerings and developing courseware that expresses my life focus of being a Creativity Activist. Oh. And I’ve got Christmas gifts to craft for this year.

If I were really committed to the writing, it would happen. And it’s just not happening write now.

Isn’t that the way of life? We think about the things we’d like to do, and then don’t get to them. Sometimes it’s a conscious decision not to. Sometimes, it’s procrastination. Sometimes, competing priorities or different ones take centre stage. And then, there’s just the good ole’ filling time with other busyness.

Whatever the reason, not doing it is information that can create light in our life or heavy spaces.

In the past, in not reaching a target I might have wasted time chastising myself, beating myself up for what I deemed ‘falling down’. It never really helped. What it did do was create that heaviness of being that nullifies and defies my peace of mind.

Enough is enough.

I don’t need to chastise myself. I have to either get on with completing whatever it was I was doing, or, decide to be okay with not doing it.

In the ‘being okay with not doing’ I can choose to create space for self-compassion and self-acceptance.

I didn’t reach the NaMoWriNo word target.

I did sign-up. I did complete my outline and chapter synopses. I did a bunch of research on an area of the novel that I need to understand to write about it. I did start writing. And that’s a big deal. Those are positive steps.

Time to celebrate the steps taken.

Time to acknowledge I’m exactly where I am. Life is exactly what it is in this moment right now.

And then… it’s back to the studio I go to play and create.


I’ve been creating more Christmas balls with clear glass balls and alcohol ink and glitter. I do love sparkly things!  Did I mention how much fun I’m having?


10 thoughts on “Trees Fall Down And Nobody Yells At Them.

  1. I WISH TO INTERRUPT YOUR TRAIN OF THOUGHT: this message is brought to you by a friend believing you need a tiny shaking-up of your landscape.

    Just for a few moments each day, try this for the next month; start with:

    1 piece of paper
    3 columns
    Column 1: keep the same
    Column 2: add something new
    Column 3: shed this activity

    Yes, my friend, this is your 20–20 Vision of 2020 Planning Tool.

    Just keep it on your desk. Add, or scribble out, anything you want over the next 30 days. Work things, playthings, personal things, network things, lifestyle things. Things about stuff, about people, about money, about activities. Think about what birds you are flocking with - flock with more soaring eagles and wise old owls … and fewer turkeys.

    This is what you COULD do with your next month. Don’t stop other things, but consider all the good you could do for yourself by using one pen, one piece of paper, and one month. A few moments each day will re-shape your next year. It requires 2020 vision …



  2. The ball is gorgeous! Do you make them for you or to give as gifts or both? And kudos to you for the writing accomplishment. I’ve resigned myself to writing short little ditties before pressing « publish » so what you accomplished sounds pretty fantastic from the vantage point of my fallen tree,

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    • Thanks — re the ball, this is the first year I’ve made them so they’ll all be gifts. Our Christmas dinner is about 20 people so each person will get one and they will hold the name cards in place. And thanks re the writing — patience and kindness with myself is a constant reminder to celebrate the small steps — and I thank you for expanding my vision of my ‘fallen tree’ — they weren’t all that small! 🙂

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  3. I love your Christmas ball decoration. It’s gorgeous. Well done. “Time to celebrate the steps taken”.. Yes, that’s the positive spirit that we need, because after all our intentions though often good get way sided… So celebrating what we HAVE done rather than focus on what we have not, or should have, makes way more sense…

    Happy New Year.


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