Take Action – my word for 2020

Sunrise on the river through frosted glass on the deck

I took down Christmas yesterday. Finished off the task I’d begun the day before, carefully wrapping and placing decorations into tubs, labelling each tub to ensure it is easier next Christmas to set it all up again. Hauling out the tree for the ‘Tree Tossers’ to come and pick up.

I love the spaciousness that happens inside our home, and my being when Christmas is all putaway.

I love the lights and glitter, the twinkling of the tree at night, the holly and cedar branches, the adornments on tabletops and ledges.

I love it all.

And then….

I grow weary of the clutter, the needles falling, the having to move this and that to create space for everyday living.

This morning, when I walked into our living room it felt light and airy. Like the new year really has begun and the clutter of the past is now cleaned up.

Which I hope it has as my dream last night was rather prescient.

In my dream…I was kidnapped, but I wasn’t. There were lots of people around whom I knew and the only thing keeping me where I was, was the ruler tucked into my hair. It had antenna attached to it which acted as an electronic tracking device.

Lots of people there knew me and they all felt sorry for me. Which I absolutely detest. People feeling sorry for me. And, while they knew where I was, they didn’t want to tell me because, apparently, no one ‘out in the world’ knew where I was.

I didn’t know where I was either. I think it was New Zealand. C.C. was in the US somewhere. I’d lost my phone and couldn’t remember any numbers so couldn’t call, which wasn’t possible anyway as the kidnapper had the only phone. But I kept thinking I needed to call, if only I knew the numbers.

It wasn’t a scary dream. More a wake-up and get creating kind of dream. A ‘stop vacillating about what you are doing and just do it’ kind of message.

It was definitely a dream that confirms the power of the word that has found me for 2020.

It’s two words actually. Take Action.

I didn’t choose them. In fact, I kept trying to make it something else. Like ‘Transformation’ or ‘Divine Goddess’ or ‘Creativity’. All of them felt contrived like I was thinking them into being. Take Action kept resonating. In meditation. Writing. Even my dreams.

And so, it is my guide, my compass, my true north for 2020.

And as I ponder its essence I gain clarity on my dream. I often hold back from taking action because I hold myself captive to the idea that my creative expressions are not as valid as someone else’s. Or, that they only have relevance to me. Or, they’re just not perfect yet.

To simply ‘Take Action’ means to let go of looking for some secret release or answer. It means to trust in my creative urgings calling me to simply be present with my birthing of ideas into the world — without judgement, purpose or explanation.

I think it’s what my dream was telling me — stop holding myself captive to what I think I need to measure up to, stop fearing what others think or might say, stop making excuses for not diving in and just do it. Just ‘Take Action’.

Here’s to a year of living into, breathing with, and acting out my word for 2020.

Here’s to a year where I ‘Take Action’ on setting myself free of expectations, checklists and boxes!

Care to join me?





8 thoughts on “Take Action – my word for 2020

  1. It’s not the planning, the listing, the resolutions – or about announcing them; it’s the actions – most of which are little things which have large consequences. Welcome to 2020 … you are 10 days behind already, so you’ll have to play catch up!

    And, we are overdue for lunch …. let me know when you are available please.

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    • LOL — I don’t feel behind. I feel rested. Restored. Refreshed! Like I’ve just had the perfect entry into the new year! 🙂 And yes, it is about little steps leading forward.

      I’ll call — lunch would be lovely.


  2. The end of the season and the taking back of space gives us room for thought as does the new calendar. But while I like your WOTY it doesn’t resonate with me as I am always taking action. Usually too much action and I need to stop and rebalance my life hence my WOFY.

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    • I love how your comment has given me pause to contemplate my words and their deeper meaning for me Bernie! Thank you. I’m still breathing into ‘take action’ and the difference between too much and balance. ❤


  3. Yes, yes and yes! From personal experience the act of making lists is a vain attempt to organize a chaotic approach to getting tasks, chores and projects Started or finished. Making a list is a feel good tactic that usually fails miserably. So, tackle what the moment presents. The outcome may be surprising. The older we get the less “over-analysis, pre-planning” we should indulge in. Let one’s creativity lead the way!

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  4. Love your insight Iwona – for me, lists are kind of like a security blanket — they help me feel calm in chaos but keep me from stepping out of the ‘list’ when actually getting to work on something. I so agree re the ‘over-analysis and pre-planning’. Letting my creativity lead the way is a wonderful direction. Lead on! Hugs


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