Creative by nature

We are all creative by nature. Everything about us, from learning to walk, talk, eat paint, draw, write, even think is unique to each of us.

Think about walking. As children, no one said, “Here is how you walk.” Nope. They helped us stand up. To stay on our feet by holding our hands. But they never said, “Walking consists of putting your left foot forward first, always first with the left and then, transferring your weight so that you can lift your right foot and move it in front of your left and on and on and on.

Nope. No one said that.

We learned to walk because within us there was a creative urge calling us to rise up and move our feet. In the process, we created our own unique style of walking. Very creative of us don’t you think?

Over our lifetimes we will learn to do many things. We’ll read, watch, listen to gather information and then… we’ll do it on our own. Sometimes, we might even attempt to imitate what others are doing but, own unique style/voice/essence will naturally imprint itself upon whatever we’re doing and La voilá! There we are being our unique creative selves.

Fact is, there’s no other person in the exact same spot as you, thinking the exact same thoughts, with the exact same images, words, emotions. There’s no one holding their pen, or computer mouse or brushing their hair in exactly the same way.

The statement “I am not creative”, which I’ve heard from many people over the years of creating and coaching others on their own creative journey, usually stems from the fear of believing creativity is just for a special few.

Remember. We are creative by nature.

It’s just somewhere on our journey, someone(s) put certain activities into a basket called, ‘Creative’ and all the other things in the basket called, “Not Creative’. And then we started living our lives as if the baskets were real (some call them boxes but I think ‘basket’ is more visually creative!).

There is no basket. And there definitely is no box.

Which is kind of interesting if you think about it. The statement, ‘think outside the box’ is designed to encourage people to find ways to see beyond what they know to find more creative solutions to a problem.

Creatively speaking, whether there is or isn’t a box doesn’t matter. Solutions to problems come from beyond the realm of what is known – otherwise they wouldn’t be problems needing to be explored.

Remember Einstein? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Think about it. You’re not going to get a different result if you do the same thing over and over again.

You have to ‘get creative’.

And here’s the deal. Have you ever changed anything in your life? Anything. Like trying a new food. Buying a new pair of shoes. Walking into a room full of strangers…

Somewhere in all of that you had to ‘get creative’.

See. You are creative.

Now the oportunity is to expand your ‘idea’ of what creativity represents in your life.

Like, throw out the basket. Get out of the box, kind of expansion.

Try this. Say (outloud), “I am creative by nature.”

Say it again. In your own way (because really there’s no other way for you to say it than in your own way.) “I am creative by nature.”

Own it. There’s a lot of freedom in owning your creative by nature ways.

Try it on. Taste each word. Dive deep within your body and see how your heart, your tummy, your baby toe is feeling at the statement. “I am creative by nature.”

After stating ‘I am creative by nature’, five or six times, you might even want to try saying, “I am not creative by nature” just to feel the difference.

Which one resonates?

Which one makes your heart feel light and airy. Your shoulders and back straighten.

The ‘I am creative by nature’, or the other?

Be lovingly honest with yourself. Which one soothes your heart?

I’m hoping, for the sake of all humanity, it’s the “I am creative by nature” that calls your heart out and stirs the blood running through your veins.

In this time, right now, the world needs all of us to awaken our creative natures so that we can each shine our own unique lights together to create a world of wonder, awe and possibility for all the world rise up and shine bright like a diamond.

17 thoughts on “Creative by nature

  1. We are all creative by nature – but about age 5 we start to have it drummed out of us. But we CAN get it back. First, we say it, next we do it. There is no failing or failure – we get to create whatever we want for as long as we want!

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  2. For years and years (and years) I thought I was not creative because I couldn’t draw or paint. I was good at doing something by following a pattern, not realising that even as you do so, you still are creating – and often, going outside the original lines. How silly to call myself that for so long. Lovely post, Louise.

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    • I know what you mean Dale! I’ve always been a writer but painting… well my story was, “I am not an artist” and then, when my eldest daughter was about 15 I started painting with her and fell in love! I discovered the lie I’d told myself for so long had become my truth! So much freedom in discovering that something I’d believed about myself for so long wasn’t true. Now, I like to challenge my limiting beliefs!

      PS. I have never been able to stay within the lines. 🙂


    • So true Nance. Remember as a child how our imaginations ran wild no matter what we were doing? How a sheet could become a fort. A stick a sword. A ball of wool a kitten?

      Somewhere, we learned that things had only one purpose — and thank you, see, responding to your comment is the inspiration behind the blogpost I’m about to write this morning! Thank you! How very creative of you. ❤

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  3. The only moments when I am not creating is when I sleep. But then sometimes I wake up with creative thoughts that do not let me go back to sleep. Lights are on in my studio at various hours, day or night.
    Thanks for reinforcing that we all “create” in our unique ways.
    BTW, sitting, gazing out the window, with a glass or vino or a cuppa in hand is creativity at its best – time to mellow and let the mind wander into corners of the unknown. During this pandemic pandemonium there seems to be a lot of these moments!

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    • I love how you frame it Iwona — that it is only when you sleep that you are not being creative. So true.

      and yup. sitting, gazing out the window this morning, cuppa in hand, music playing softly in the background, stepping outside onto the deck to savour the morning smells and sounds, to feel the light soft spring rain upon my face… all creative.

      Much love.


  4. I AM CREATIVE BY NATURE! And I thank “Nature” and the Spirit for guiding me in my creativity. Without it, I wouldn’t be happy nor have the immense gratitude that I have – for creativity! Great post!!!

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