Joy. Gratitude. Life.

After driving through the snow-covered Rockies under a perfectly clear blue sky I arrived home Tuesday night, happy, tired, my heart full of joy and memories of time spent with my daughter and her family.

Yesterday, the ‘perfect’ spring weather continued to flow all around me. Warm temps. Blue sky. Fresh gentle breeze. The last vestiges of ice melting into the river.

This morning, it’s snowing, which, given that this is spring in Calgary, is not uncommon nor unexpected. Just not all that welcome!

And then I smile. Changing the weather, or even being upset about it, is futile. Acceptance is necessary. As is a good sense of humour. It helps lessen the burn of snow on Earth Day and white flakes masquerading as cherry blossoms falling. There are few cherry trees in Calgary – they can’t withstand our winters and the crabapples haven’t begun to blossom… so…no matter how I’d like it to be something else more ‘springlike’ this is snow. Period.

When I travel, especially by car, I take a basket of art supplies with me for those moments when I am inspired, (or as in the case of being with my grandchildren – not too tired) to create.

I pulled out my basket once while with my daughter and her family when my grandson and I spent an afternoon painting rocks we’d collected on the beach.

Painting with a 3-year-old is pure delight. There’s no right or wrong. There’s no worrying about whether or not this colour goes here or what should I do next. There is only the joy of the experience… for as long as it lasts.

And then… it’s done and you move on to the next adventure.

When my grandson went off to play with his dump trucks, I opened my Learning to Fly art journal and began to create — I only had watercolour paints, matte medium and gesso to work with which made it even more exciting. Limiting my supplies is always good for my creative practice. It invites me, as does painting with my grandson, to focus on the experience without getting lost in the options or plans of what to do.

Yesterday with the patio door of my studio open to sounds of the river flowing and birds at the feeder and sun streaming in, I pulled out my unfinished pages and began to create.

One of the things I love about the creative process is how, even when I don’t think I know what’s happening, magic happens anyway.

For me, that magic came with the words that wrote themselves for this spread.

“Tend to your dreams like a precious garden, feed them flights of fancy and your wings will grow stronger.”.

Like the weather, when I accept what is, joy, gratitude, love grow stronger in my life. And, when I tend to my dreams with tender loving care, my life is full of possibility.

Learning to clap is soooo much fun!

32 thoughts on “Joy. Gratitude. Life.

  1. So happy you were able to spend such quality time with your precious little grandchildren and so good you went when you did. You look so much like your little granddaughter. Nice that you and your grandson enjoyed painting rocks together…..Grandmas are irreplaceable and I’m sure they were missing you as soon as you left! Cool and wet out today but we needed the moisture……have a wonderful day creating!💕

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    • Thank you Val. I feel so very lucky to have this time with my grandchildren. I only met one of my grandmothers, once. My daughters grew up with both of their grandparents in their lives — and it was such a blessing. Thank you my friend. ❤


  2. First of all, you’re not only a traveller, but a time traveller at that – just look at the dates you put on your two April shots! 😉
    Then, working with kids, creating, just being there for them, enjoying their energy and joie de vivre is a youth balm for the soul isn’t it? Not that I’d know about it not having any grandies but I can feel and see it in every granny’s photo I ever saw. They know no inhibitions, there’s no hesitation, just ‘off we go’ – enjoy!
    I’m glad, in a weird way, that your time was so fully occupied because I didn’t have time to read you anyway – and I have loads to catch up to….. a bit egoistic but there you go. At least it was a wonderful break for you and I’m very happy for you.

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    • LOL — time travelling is the best — but honest, the dates were meant for the date in April! Not the year. 🙂
      And yes, they are so free and in the moment – it is always inspiring and uplifting.
      And now… I won’t be able to go to Vancouver for at least six weeks as BC and Alberta try to get case counts down – Vancouver has banned interprovincial travel.
      Which is good as I have an art show in June that I must start getting ready for! 🙂 ❤

      Thanks my friend. Hope you are well and that your 'busy' is fruitful and fulfilling for you.

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      • oh silly me….. so sorry! (not!) 🙂 😉
        You just do one thing after the other – mustn’t be greedy with your visits….. patience is needed!


  3. Yay! I’m so happy you had a great visit with your kiddos, and awesome that you get to inspire art in their lives! I have so many wonderful memories of doing crafty stuff with my grandma, treasured memories for sure!🥰


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