It was just… one of those…

Drives. Yup. Just one of those drives that took way longer than anticipated. Even the lady in my navigation system who talks me into going places I’ve never been before didn’t know where we were going. She was so lost she led me down a road and told me to turn right when I reached the main highway — except, the road she led me down no longer has access to the main highway.

The south west quadrant of our city is under major road construction as they complete the last leg of the ringroad — which means…. directions, road access, signage… it’s all iffy! When I finally got to the highway (after many unnecessary extra kilometers) she still didn’t like the direction I was going and insisted I pull a ‘legal U-turn. Except, I was on the right highway, going in the right direction to get to Vale’s Greenhouse in Black Diamond, the site of the art show where my art is on display for sale this weekend.

I write it as ‘my art on display for sale’ as one of the things I mis-read in the instructions letter Vale’s had sent was the fact that artists are not actually in attendance at the show.

Due to Covid — capacity limits on the number of people in attendance are too low if all the artists are onsite. So… the show is on display, without artists.

I didn’t realize/connect to that reality until I was leaving after spending the day setting up. When the manager of the Greenhouse asked if I was not selling the three paintings I was taking back to my car, I said, “I don’t have enough room for them so thought I’d just leave them in the car and bring them in when space permits over the weekend.”

That’s when I realized my misconception.

It’s the same way they ran the show last year – and it went well so I’m not worried. Just a tad disappointed as it really is fun to be onsite and chat with people as they wander through the art.

Lady in Red – mixed media on canvas board, 11 x 14″

There was a woman yesterday who insisted she was coming back on Friday to buy my Lady in Red painting. And, several people did take poems from my Poetry in a Basket display — so I’m pretty pumped!

And, I have to say this — the show is absolutely gorgeous! I was too tired at the end of the day to do a slow walk around the greenhouses and plan on doing so tomorrow when I go back as a ‘customer’ – I also wanted to pick up some plants so it’s quite legit!

There are some incredible artists in the show and seeing all the work amidst the greenery and flowers is stunning.

And none of it matters. The getting lost. The tiredness. The did I forget anything worries nor the oh dear… I misread the directions angst.

In the end, my little greenhouse corner looks great and I have done something I’ve wanted to do — be part of the Vale’s Greenhouse Cultivation of Art Show and Sale. Yipppeee!!!

And here is a little video of my corner of the greenhouse.

18 thoughts on “It was just… one of those…

  1. Congrats on reaching your destination. When all else fails, ask a man. Though we take a long time getting where we are going, we don’t ask for directions because we don’t believe we are lost!

    Best wishes for a great showing/selling/weekend!

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  2. Oh I am chuckling. At least you did not end up on a dusty, sandy track that ended up at the edge of a raging, mud-filled creek bed that over flows once a year, just when you need to cross it. Good luck, love the video.

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    • Tee hee! So true — and I always think of you and Marv when I’m at Vale’s — it’s because of you both I originally applied!

      And… there’s a new micro-brewery in Black Diamond — Marv would love it — amazing beers and great food too!


    • Thank you Kelley! It’s funny — I wasn’t sure how everything would come together — they just sort of assign you a space when you arrive – I had thrown in the blue and gold fabrics at the very end… just in case… and they pulled it all together for me! πŸ™‚ ❀

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    • OH Lilli Ann — at first when I read, “I want to jump” my mind leapt to — ‘on a plane and come see it all’… Sigh… and the borders still closed… we will get there my friend. Here or there… we will do this! ❀

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  3. This is so ‘you’ – the set-up, the place, the conception – and me too, I’d love to buy the Lady in Red. I have two very matching experiences of the last two days: With an almighty crash ‘my angel in red’ fell to the floor on Saturday evening. The cord holding the rather heavy painting got pulled out of the frame (held there with a nail/nails hammered into the wood) and hence the whole thing literally crashed behind the sofa onto the parquet. We will find out when we move about THAT damage. The custom made and -painted frame is in splinters, nails are looking out everywhere, the power of it falling and sliding behind the settee like a letter in a letter box must have been enormeous…. I only hope it doesn’t mean that my ‘angel’ is no longer looking after me!
    Then, we took one or three extra tours around a large roundabout because we just couldn’t figure out where to turn off – our sat nav was bought by us when we lived in France and has no relevant value to reality of the Swiss roads as they are now. Speed limits are noted as 120 when it’s now 100 or 80km/h and many a road we use is ‘going through the desert’ as per the nav.system….. it must have been a rip-off pirated copy from Russia I think. But of course you don’t know that when the Ebay order on a CD arrives at your house!!!! It’s quite hilarious unless you get caught with 120km/h on a stretch that now only is 100km, as HH found out on his way home – the ONE time I didn’t warn him off because I was on the phone…..

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  4. Louise,
    I somehow missed this post and was just wondering today about how your art sale went. Thanks for sharing the video. Congratulations on creating such beauty. I love that you gave away poems in a basket. Keep sharing your gifts with the world. You are a bright light.

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