When Adventure Calls, Say YES!

Brunch at Mt. Engadine Lodge – Photo source – https://mountengadine.com/gallery/

Yesterday, I spent several hours taking and editing photos of my artwork and loading them onto my ETSY store – DARE BOLDLY ART

I know… shamelessly commercial, but… it’s also real, ’cause here’s the thing –

I don’t create to sell, I create to express my inner desires, hopes, dreams, feelings, thoughts, ideas, concerns, confusion, contemplations.

And then, my walls become too crowded. My cupboards become cluttered with pieces of art gathering dust, growing weary of the darkness.

And so… I enter art shows and fairs in the hope that in selling a few pieces not only do I create space, I also create inspiration for the next creative expression (along with coin to buy the prerequisite supplies – though given that my studio is full of supplies, that buying more supplies probably comes with a douse of over-consumption!)

But, regardless of why I want to sell my art — (I really do need the space) I have finally started to load some of my paintings onto Dare Boldly Art!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding more — but today…

Well, today I’m off for three days to be “The Chef” at Mt. Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis Country. They are between chefs – the new second chef starts Sep 6 and the current chef needs a break! I’m happy to oblige! (The photo above is taken from the deck)

Not quite ‘backcountry’ (you can access it via a gravel/dirt road) it is however off the beaten path as well as ‘the grid’.

This is the same lodge I cooked in at just before Christmas 2019 – just before Covid locked the world down and lodges such as Mt. Engadine struggled to make their way through the chaos and closures.

Through good management, committed staff and strong Covid protocols, the Lodge has pulled through.

Colour me excited!

Last time I was there, it was a winter wonderland. This time, I’ll be entering a late summer/ early fall (the temp this morning is 0C – 32F) playground of burbling streams, mountain flowers carpeting meadows in all the colours of the rainbow and birds singing and soaring in the air.

And… bonus! My friend JD is joining me again to keep me company and play the role of ‘sous chef’. I’ve packed along a bucket of paints and ephemera for us to play with, my hiking boots and a stack of cookbooks to devour as I plan out the meals for the next three days.

Before cooking at Mt Engadine the first time, cooking in a backcountry lodge was on my bucket list — now it’s on my ‘repeat often’. It is exhausting but fun. It’s (kind of) scary and challenging. It connects me to my creative core – cooking for 30 people does that – and it reminds me that life is a constant adventure when you say YES! to its many beguiling invitations.

See you all next week!

And PS — please do come check out my store — if only to say Hi!

Happy cooking. Happy living! Happy. Happy.

17 thoughts on “When Adventure Calls, Say YES!

  1. OMG, is there ANYTHING at all that this woman cannot do? And that tantalizing photo?! WOW, just wow…. Cooking for 30 ppl? It’s nothing….. my heartbeat flutters, just reading this! I wish you GOOD LUCK, GOOD NERVES, lots of exciting food to cook, wonderful guests, and the greatest time ever.
    Sending love and greetings.

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  2. There is nothing commercial about finding willing people who would enjoy getting to have the energy of your creative art pieces that come as your expression of inner joy :))) our world needs so much of that circulating around ! I am also not surprised that some one as heartful person as you are, would be willing to cook and serve delicious nourishing meals, how lucky are the recipients of all that you do πŸ’›πŸ˜Š

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  3. Enjoy! That seems like a super fun thing to do. So many are scared to cook for the masses but 30 is totally doable. Surprised you have a lot of creative license as the nearest grocery store isn’t that close!

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  4. This is such an inspiring post. I love the line -‘Life is a constant adventure when you say Yes’. I began selling art for the same reasons you’ve mentioned. You couldn’t have explained it better. Thank you! Your three-day break sounds exciting, challenging and fun. Waiting to read about your experiences there.

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