This Too Shall Pass

Winter has arrived with blustery, frigid breath.

The forecast is Cold. More cold. And cold some more.

The ground lies frozen beneath its snowy blanket. Squirrels huddle in their winter nests. Geese hunker down on frost covered riverbanks. Birds still their raucous song.

The river keeps flowing.

Trees stand silent, naked branches extended into the air like varicose veins creeping across thin, aged skin.

Time keeps passing, its relentless movement oblivious to winter’s harsh winds.

A stranger emails me from Montreal. She’s read my OpEd which was reprinted in the Montreal Gazette. She wants to quote me. “… the knowledge and experience I’ve accrued over 40 years of building my career have provided me with a lifetime of wisdom to draw on that informs and enriches all my interactions.”

I love that line, she writes.

I reply, “I would be honoured.”

A connection made between two strangers, through words poured out onto a screen, imprinted on paper far away.

Two lives intersect, their words carried on invisible strands of ethernet spinning through time and space.

Lives continue to unfold, moments woven through with possibilities unseen, unknown, untouched.

Chance encounters. Lives connected through sometimes momentary, sometimes extended moments.

Lives keep unfolding as winter descends.

Everything changes.

Everything remains constant in its changing states.

Winter has arrived.

Seeds of possibility quietly dream, cozy and warm within an Arctic embrace.

This too shall pass, the wind whispers. This too shall pass

And the river flows, sluggish now, as temperatures drop and winter takes hold.

This too shall pass.

8 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Imagine all the people in the world who’ve lived only half a life; they’ve never experienced a prairie winter and would wish they had if they could only know what we know. Winter, storms and every foible – the spin-outs in intersections, shovelling, strange air patterns that settle in, the thrill of lacing kids’ skates, coming in from the cold, dreaming of mild but not too mild, remembering the joy of spring showers and playing on a summer beach – this winter thing is magic, and more than half the world never experience this magic. We are lucky and resilient because we are strengthened and warmed inside, where we carry vivid memories of springs and summers that spare us from this. For some, it’s more a story of six months of prairie winters followed by six months of road construction. We live longer and better because of this season – whether we are joyful skiers or cursing in traffic, we are better for all of this. And seriously, how good would a warm winter holiday feel if we weren’t also enjoying a respite for this? I checked my calendar – it’s the 1st today, so we have twenty days till winter officially begins. This is not the movie, this is just the preview!

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    • haha! Love everything you wrote — this is awesome – This is not the movie, this is just the preview! tee hee. So true! And it is stunningly beautiful sitting here watching the river flow in morning’s early light!


  2. My mind has painted a beautiful collage based on your descriptors of the magic of winter as I listen to the howling tones of the wind outside. The sun is shining ever so bright on the billowing waves of grasses as they undulate to the baton of an unknown conductor.

    Winter has blessed parts of Canada that rarely experience that silvery white magic. Here in the nation’s capital we await its arrival with trepidation. Will it be a harsh winter, will there be a green Christmas, will there be more ice than snow? However it turns out, the serene beauty of clean white snow glistening diamonds in the sun, or the green of blanket-free fields and grasses, it will be magical in my mind. I love winter. It keeps me indoors to read, quilt and dream of the arrival of spring. Life is grand.

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