A Pup Named Beau

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He is small and cute and soft and cuddly. He curled up in my arms and in one instance, captured my heart.

Not one of the three of us who went to meet him could resist his charm. Not one of us had any doubt — he belongs in our home. He is the one!

He weighs all of 5 – 8 lbs right now and full grown will be about 50.

He is joy and love and wonder and awe and he will be coming home in two weeks and we are all excited.

After visiting with him on Saturday in the home where he was born, just south of Edmonton near a town called Beaumont, we drove back towards Calgary and talked about names.

Oskar. Finnegan. Mulligan (C.C. is a golfer) Fitzgerald (Ellie was named after Ella Fitzgerald and Alexis is a singer). We rode in silence for awhile with one of the three of us occasionally throwing out a suggestion.

Herbert. Max. Snoopy. Digby.

And then, C.C. suggested Beaumont.

Alexis and I both loved it. He was born just outside the town of Beaumont. It can easily be shortened to Beau. It suits him.

Beaumont it is and in two weeks Beaumont will take over our house just as he’s already taken up residence in our hearts.

He is a Sheepadoodle. We met both his parents and they are lovely. Ara is a black and white spotted poodle (she gave the pups their colouring) and Max, the dad, is a big, lovable, happy sheepdog.

We are all so very excited and eager to bring him home and have him become part of our family.

And when we got home that evening, I walked out into the backyard and stood beneath the crabapple tree where a jeweled container of Ellie’s ashes is buried beneath the Buddha statue and told her of our new baby boy’s arrival.

I think she’s happy too. As Alexis said as we drove home, “Ellie would like him mom. She’d want you  to be happy.”

She’s right. And I am.

Happy and excited. Bathed in the joy and anticipation, filled with hope and faith and love.

Beau is in my heart.

24 thoughts on “A Pup Named Beau

  1. congrats on your re-pup-ulation

    great looking critter …

    Beaumont, where my daughter used to live, is one of Alberta’s lesser known Francophone communities – so given your heritage-Francaise it seems appropos

    … and Gusta says hi!



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  2. Louise and Charles — what a beautiful pup – and I love the name — he sure is lucky to be joining your family where so much love and joy will be. Enjoy the puppy stage – it goes so quick!!!

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  3. Adorable! And I love the name. My cat, Salty, was found on Upper Salt Rd. and when the finder took him to the vet, he suggested naming him for the street (he’s also salt and pepper coloring). It’s a nice reminder of his story, as Beau will be for your little guy.

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  5. who is the breeder in beaumont that has the sheep doodles … I am on a wait list for one from the USA but would prefer local breeder. I believe we saw Beaumont tonight at our condo .. I nearly dropped when I saw him as he reminded me so much of my OES that I had to put down … what a beautiful dog and temperament he is .. I live in Calgary as well and have been looking for a sheep doodle

    Enjoy Beaumont he is a beautiful dog and I am sure he will bring you years of unconditional love…


    • Hi Marianne — yes, you did see him tonight — he was visiting my girlfriend for the day — and had way too much fun. 🙂

      His breeder is on facebook at sheepadoodlesbyliz.

      I will send you and email with her email so you can contact her directly. She is lovely. Takes great care of her dogs and very informed about care and breeding. I have a girlfriend in Calgary who has Beaumont’s brother so they get together to play — which is wonderful! He is an amazing dog. I too had looked at breeders in the US and then, in the spring, found Liz just near Edmonton.

      I wish you well with your new pup. Perhaps we’ll get them together to play — my friends live at No. 2. Beau will be visiting often. 🙂


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