Let Your Heart Run Wild

Mixed media on water colour paper. 2 page spread for “Sheltered Wonder” Art Journal

Worry and being present cannot inhabit the same space. Worry is about future events. It focuses on obsessive thoughts of events that may or may not happen. Being present is exactly that – you are here in the now, free of worry, experiencing this moment.

Worry feeds your head brain with the illusion only it will keep you safe from the worst of what you think might happen.

The heart knows best how to stay present in the moment. The body becomes embodied in the present when your heart beats freely without fear clouding your senses and muddying up your peace of mind.

Listen to your heart. Let it run wild. Let it leap over obstacles. Dive deep into unknown waters. Soar high into cloudy skies and limitless blue possibilities.

When you heart runs wild worry falls away, fear subsides and life flows freely.

Let your heart run wild.


Since Covid became a ‘real’ thing in our world, my beloved and I have practiced self-isolation. Always there has been a niggling worry at the back of my mind about what if…?

What if he gets infected? What if he doesn’t survive? What if…

I tell myself, that’s just worry Louise about future events over which you have no control. Breathe and be in the moment. Breathe into your heart, let it run wild with delight in this moment where you are both well and healthy and savouring this secluded time together. Let worry go.

Worry responds, “Go ahead. Try. But you’re gonna fail. I’m stronger than your heart. Remember. I live in your brain. I know everything.”

“Oh no you don’t,” the wisdom that breathes deeply within my belly responds, coursing with energy up through my body, into the far extremities of my arms, my hands, my fingertips that feel the air moving all around me. With effortless grace, the energy flows down into my legs, my ankles, my feet, connecting and grounding me to the earth.

“The heart sends more messages to you every moment of every day than you send to it, my belly informs my brain. “You think your way through life. The heart feels its way into and through every moment. It flows with life-giving blood that nourishes my organs, my cells, my skin. It breathes life into the essence of my being alive.”

My heart knows life, intimately.

My brain only knows what it thinks life is. It cannot feel it. Experience it. Taste it. It takes the whole body – head included — nourished by the heart’s blood-pounding ways, to do that.

The heart feels everything. The body joins it in communion with all of nature. The brain says, “Let me think about that.”

The heart and body respond, “Come, run wild with us through life’s forests. Come, swim with us in its seas of plenty. Let your thoughts rest within the delight of this moment right now. Let worry go.”

I breathe and heed the call of the wild.

My worry serves no purpose than to pull me away from the exquisite nature of this moment right now.

“The purpose of self-isolation is to stem the worry, Louise,” my heart whispers lovingly. “It’s the right thing to do for both of you. It isn’t about divining the future, it’s about building safe, courageous space to live confidently in this moment right now knowing, deep within all your being, that in this moment right now, you are alive within the precious, holy, sacred gift of life.”

In these exceptional times, as in all times, every breath counts. Every breath is precious. Anything that disrupts the flow has the potential to ignite my worry – if I let it.

Breathing deeply into the beauty of this moment, I let my worry drift away upon the river of life that sustains me.

I let worry go. And my heart runs wild.


9 thoughts on “Let Your Heart Run Wild

  1. Yes, beautiful.
    Be present. Worry is a waste of energy. We worry about that which we know not. We create scenarios in our minds and then get ourselves all twisted into knots. And for what? Maybe what we worry about does come true because it was going to anyway but most often than not, it is for naught.
    Lovely, reflective piece, Madam!

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    • Thank you Dale. Yes, it is a waste of energy and a joy-robber. I continue to practice, ‘not worry’ every day. I find it is easier when I remember to breathe and centre myself in the beauty all around me.

      My husband had to go for a Covid test this week. He was coughing and struggling with energy. I did my best not to worry but when the test came back negative, I cried. Sometimes, no matter how hard I am focusing on ‘not worrying’ I discover, I was.

      Such a journey this life don’t you think?



  2. I guess worry can be obsessive and take away the present but concern for others runs through my every breath. It’s not worry — it’s concern about the hear and now. The invasive surgery. The no income. The failing kidney and liver. The isolation. These are concerns that flit in and out of my head. I can’t control the future but the present is precarious for so many right now.

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    • It is your nature Bernie to care deeply for others. It shines in everything you do, write, create.

      I hear you my friend. These are real, true concerns that flit through your mind. I pray those you care about so deeply get through this nurtured and sustained by Love. And I pray Love comforts you in the dark when your concern for their well-being stalks your sleep and peace of mind.

      Hugs my friend. You are so very brave.


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