We Are All Connected

“We are all connected.” 2 page spread in Sheltered Wonder art journal – pages 24 – 25

When I sat down to create this page, bees and flowers were not in my focus. The page itself had started with a piece of collaged paper that came from Tamara’s work surface when she was here painting outside with me for the afternoon.

She’d scraped some paint off of her canvas, cleaned the scraping tool off on the paper covering her work table and exclaimed, “You should collage this into your next piece. The colours are so cool and look at that pattern!”

The beginning with the piece of paper collaged onto my page and gold gesso applied as an underpainting.

Why not, I replied. And promptly applied some medium to the middle of my just beginning next spread and affixed the paper.

The question then became… Where to from here?

It was all about experimenting with backgrounds and materials to see what happened when…

I worked on it a bit that day and then continued with it the next day. Again, letting the page itself guide me with whatever secret/story it was bringing to light.

I added background textures. Painted over places that didn’t ‘feel’ right. Kept delving into the background story.

Gold makes me think of bees and honey. I underpainted honeycomb shapes with pastels and painted a flower.

Hmmm… if there are honeycombs maybe there need to be bumblebees.

Part of what I’m enjoying most in creating the “Sheltered Wonder” art journal is the opportunity to experiment with supplies and materials I haven’t used in awhile.

Somewhere in my stash of stencils I knew I had a bumblebee. I dug through the box where I store them and found it. Perfect. Suddenly, two bumblebees appeared on the page surrounding the flower.

All things in nature are connected through an intricate web of delicate interdependency. Flowers rely on bees to pollinate them. Bees need nectar from flowers to create honey.

Flowers create beauty in our world. Honey nourishes.

Yet, we humans often forget the interdependent nature of all things on this planet. Including us. We strive for independence as if that is the gold ring of success. Even when our success doesn’t happen in isolation. It is always in connection with the people and things we employ to create whatever we have succeeded in doing.

Like art-making.

This piece began with a suggestion from a friend. From there, it evolved into what it became because of all the products I used that someone, somewhere developed and created. It also helped that the muse was flowing freely and I was open to her whispers.

We are all connected, interconnected and interdependent. As John Dunne wrote long ago, “No man is an island.” We are one world. One people. One planet. We need each other. As the African word ‘Ubuntu’ so aptly describes, “I am because we are.”

In Covid’s presence, I have felt the wave of interconnectedness as country after country worked to flatten the curve of this virus’ onslaught.

In the midst of shelter in place orders, people rose up to share their many gifts. From music shared on balconies and driveways, to art ‘zoom-in’ s happening online, to poetry readings and cooking classes, and hundreds of other ways people found to connect, we the people of this planet have risen to the challenge and found ways to make ‘shelter in place’ feel less alone and frightening.

As the world ‘opens up’ again and shelter in place becomes less prevalent, may we all remember the beauty of this time where together, we created a planet where the best of our humanity connected us in ways we never imagined possible.


16 thoughts on “We Are All Connected

      • I am new to your blog but am an avid journaler. A few years back I worked in a program with an art teacher and we co led a class on journaling and she showed how to make journals and use them for art, which was new to me. Your style really speaks to me. I don’t know why, just that I am very drawn to it.

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      • I love art journalling — I began my career as a writer, always said I had no ‘artistic’ talent and then… discovered I do and I love it! 🙂 Very serendipity and fortuitous. How wonderful that you discovered art journaling and I am grateful to know my style speaks to you! That is just such a lovely thought/idea/comment. It is a lovely connection. Thank you for sharing. ❤

        And PS — your blog is so very rich in meaning, beauty and light. I find it entrancing.

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      • I have always loved art and was leaning in that direction, but discovered I was not that talented, but my writing was better received and came easier to me. My career is not in either realm as I am a therapist/social worker, but my creative side feeds my soul. I am happy you enjoy my blog and that it shows you some light. I am grateful to know my intentions are made manifest when readers give me such glowing feedback. ❤

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      • My creative side also feeds my soul. Years ago, I started an art program in a homeless shelter — that work fed my entire being – and it created such amazing space for miracles to shine in the light of other soul’s awakening. I love how on your blog (and website) you create the space for miracles to awaken. ❤

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    • Thank you Jennifer. Yes, we must celebrate! Streams and webs and flow and life.

      Sending you many “riversongs of love” my friend as you prepare to bring your Riversong to life – so excited to hear it and feel it and see it and experience it! ❤ .


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