Angel In A Canary Yellow Coat

Some mornings, when Beaumont the Sheepadoodle and I head out for our first saunter, we cross paths with the woman in the bright yellow coat.

It is fluffy. Like a polar bear. Cuddly. Like Beaumont’s fur.

When our paths intersect, she always stops to say hello, though she never speaks those words.

The moment she is close enough to be heard, she blurts out some arcane fact of which I have little desire to know if it is true or not. I just like the fact she blurts out facts in the morning.

Did you know, she begins, before going on to tell me some novel thing about the moon, Tom Brady, the height of the Eiffel Tower, the flow of water in the river.

This morning, when we meet, she turns her face upwards as if to catch the tiny flakes of snow drifting down.

She puts one hand out, palm up to receive nature’s benediction and says, while staring pointedly at Beaumont, “These flakes are dog toys falling from heaven.”

Later, after we’ve parted, she to walk up the hill, me to turn into the lane leading to our house, I wonder if I heard her correctly. Did she say ‘dog’ or ‘God’?

It doesn’t matter, forwards or backwards, it is a delightful fact to savour.

I think it’s true.

Snowflakes are dog toys falling from heaven.

Like angels. Always present. Always fluttering their wings to create tiny miracles of joy in every day encounters where strangers come bearing enchanting gifts when their paths cross on snowy mornings.

And facts don’t need checking when they come wrapped up in the wonder of nature. They only need to be heard and honoured with a joyful smile of gratitude for the morning delight.


I wrote this piece in the writer’s circle I participate in every Wednesday night. Created by the remarkable Ali Grimshaw of Flashlight Batteries, the circle is a safe and courageous place to explore word-craft, your poetic nature and our shared human condition.

Ali leads Writing Circles throughout the week. They are a wonderful oasis of beautiful souls gathering around the well of creative expression.

If you are looking for a ‘home’ to find your poetic voice, or just a place to come and rest awhile from the weary humdrum of life’s cachophony, connect with Ali and in that connection you will find yourself immersed in the wonder and awe she creates every week in her circles.

You can find out more about Ali’s online writing circles, click HERE.


and… this is the part I forgot to include!

This post about snow is also in response to the writing prompt today ‘WINTER’ on Eugi’s Causerie


Your Weekly Prompt  Winter – February 4, 2021.

moonlit frosty nights

a whoosh of winter beckons

the awe of wonder

Go where the prompt leads you and publish a post on your own blog that responds to the prompt. It can be any variation of the prompt and/or image. Please keep it family friendly. Prompts close 7 days from the close of my post.


And don’t forget…. it’s an invitation for anyone and everyone to join in — even if all you do is go and check out the links to other stories, it will be a delightful journey I’m sure!

24 thoughts on “Angel In A Canary Yellow Coat

  1. backwards or forwards — I am still trying to sort out if it’s my eyes or if the two pictures are different. I swear the first one has form and the second one has from but perhaps it’s an angel making me see things?

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    • Wow! Good eyesight! You are right. I’d originally published before noticing my typo — and edited — but the original stayed in the stream of it all! But I do like the idea of the angel in there…. 🙂


  2. This is SO beautiful. Actually , it really works both ways. My dog and every dog I knew enjoyed playing with the snowflakes. And I like that this woman wears a YELLOW winter coat – she must love the sun…. I deeply regret that for my ‘now’ status as an elderly woman (not in my head but in visio…) I can only get stupid boring colours under which I can wear my warm gear. I’m forever looking for RED as I had gifted (to an African friend) my much loved and hardly ever worn Italian winter jacket in the reddest red with a red fur around the hood (which shows you the age of that coat…. when wearing fur in any form was not a crime). I saw a beautiful,, funny, funky red Teddy coat (sort of plush). I paid for my order and got a note 5 days later that it had already sold out….. Still wearing my BEIGE (I ask you….) hooded thing, the only one where I can hide my curves and still be warm and toasty! Give B a kiss from me

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    • Oh my! So sorry re the 5 day notice after getting all excited about the funky red Teddy coat’s imminent arrival! How disappointing. I just bought a funky red raincoat in anticipation of Spring’s eventual arrival. Definitely not imminent – but it was a daring move for me. I’m a black, keep it neutral clothes wearer if only because I’m lazy and black makes my choices easy! 🙂 But I do like my red raincoat! ❤

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      • Now, my dear friend, I’m seriously jealous! A firy red raincoat! PLEASE think of me when you wear it – I’d so appreciate it…
        You are probably right, I should start looking for a Teddy Coat towards the end of summer time, so I’d have a chance. Funny detail: When my 43yr old son was a small child, I bought us the same wind breakers in a chain store. 40yrs later I still have it, still wear it and since we don’t have arctic weather here, it still looks OK…. RED is it – and we MUST BE MORE DARING AND MORE BOLDLY. We can – much later on, I hope – wear boring, dull clothes for a long time when we’re dead and buried (or cremated in our case).

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      • I love that you and your son had the same windbreakers! And that you still wear it now. And YES! we must be more daring and more boldly wear colour and things that please us — not to make us feel or look young but to remind us we are ALIVE and what a gift that is!!!! Hugs my dear friend. I so enjoy our ‘conversations’! ❤

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  3. There must be some unwritten protocol somewhere that says elderly women need to wear yellow with pride. My Mother’s favourite spring / fall jacket was bright yellow. You could see her from afar, maybe that was a good thing. She did the Trudeau pirouette frequently when she was wearing this favourite garment as it gave her joy and laughter, it was hard for me to say good bye to her yellow jacket knowing how much she revelled in wearing it.
    in recent years a delightful lady whose acquaintance I had made after retirement “up the valley” too wore yellow. But more than just a jacket – hats, tops, scarves, pants – anything that was considered a garment she would try to acquire it in yellow. The Barry’s Bay Yellow Canary was an intelligent, well-educated lady, a beautiful water colour artist, who read all the books on current best-seller lists, would debate any topic, especially politics and literature. Over time I realized she was the step-mother of an old colleague. Age and failing health finally caught up with the Yellow Canary who passed away about a year ago, a few days shy of 100, still wearing yellow.
    I can’t wear yellow ut love seeing it on those who can.

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    • I love how the canary yellow fuzzy coat wearing woman has awoken so many lovely stories for others! Your story is so beautiful Iwona. And how amazing she was the step-mother of a colleague! Imagine being a few days shy of 100 still wearing yellow! My mother loved colour and wore it always, along with her sparkling jewellery which she always wore too!


    • Thank you Joanne. Angels arrive with the most wonderful gifts! ❤

      I must admit at first, I was a bit taken aback at how she'd just start spouting facts — but she was always so pleasant and it just sort of became our thing in the mornings when I see her.


  4. I think color is a way of stating a personal representation without saying a word.
    And I can’t wait to take my Dog- formerly from Montana- to the snow to play with Gods special toys.
    Thank you Louise for another wonderful story. :)❤️

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    • Thank you Lilli Ann for being part of the energy that created the space for its coming into being.
      And oooohhhh… a Montana dog in the snow! What fun!
      PS — this morning when I went out, I wore my black coat and boots and mits — (they’re the warmest) but… instead of my customary grey black hat, I wore a bright pink one! 🙂 ❤


  5. I just love how you speak of this encounter with such kindness and wonder. You are a gift to those who encounter you because you see people you don’t know as “strangers bearing enchanting gifts.” This story is beautifully written. I love the humor and love it comes wrapped in.
    Stay warm and keep shining your light.


  6. Beautiful how you expressed your encounter and a lovely haiku, as well. I’m a fairly conservative dresser with black being my mainstay. With that said, I have a bright red raincoat that I bought from Land’s End several years ago. I enjoy wearing because it’s fun and colorful and makes a rainy day seem bright so enjoy your red raincoat and wear it with pride. Thank you for joining in on the prompt.

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    • Here’s to red raincoats and other splashes of colour Eugenia! It definitely will brighten up a dull day!
      My husband has one of those big huge Canada Goose coats. it’s red and on really cold days (like -20C – -4F or colder) I’ll wear it for my walks — I look like a walking Michelin man whose been dipped in ketchup! But it does brighten dull skies and it definitely keeps me warm! 🙂

      Thank you for your words — and for your wonderful prompts and encouragemnt! Much gratitude! ❤


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