I awoke with the first stanza of this poem drifting through my mind.

When I wrote it down, the second stanza wrote itself out as if it knew its truth long before I heard the words calling.

When I went in search of an image to include with it, the image above was the first image I opened on my computer. It is from the Sheltered Wonder art journal Icreated last year to mark all I’d learned, experienced and grown through during the initial months of our sequestered solitude.

The body knows even when the mind doubts.

Yesterday, in response to a comment by the lovely and thoughtful Kiki, I told her I wished I’d taken a video of the raw journal. And then… while I was looking for something else, I accidentally uncovered the 19 sec video I’d taken of my Learning to Fly art journal before I started to create the images and quotes.

The body knows even when the mind doubts (or as in this case, forgets).

Since completing the LtF journal, I have been working on pieces for the Vale’s Greenhouse, Cultivation of Art Show and Sale I’m in June 18, 19, 20.

Initially, I was hesitant. Worried. Fearful of moving from art journal to canvas.

I love the freedom of the art journal. There is no right or wrong way. There are no rules. Anything goes.

The Canvas… well there my mind starts to impose rules. It has to be ‘good’. Sale-worthy. Meaningful. Impressive…

I balked. Stalled. Procrastinated.

And then I listened to my body. I sank out of my thinking mind into the font of knowing deep within my belly.

Just start, my body whispered. Just start and let whatever is yearning to appear find its way into expression.

And so I did.

And so it has.

And I am reminded again, the body knows even when the mind doubts.

Blossoming – mixed media on canvas board – 10 x 10″
Nurture your dreams – mixed media on canvas board – 10 x 10″

23 thoughts on “Unfurling

  1. This is so beautiful and so encouraging, Louise! Putting one’s creations out into the world really *is* a leap of faith at times. And FWIW, I *love* ‘Nurture Your Dreams.’ Would buy it in a New York minute…. 🙂

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  2. I’m blown away by your development. You are one amazing woman!
    I have made so many, untold and by most ppl unnoticed experiences which have profoundly changed me and made me the person I am now. I can live very well with my ‘new’ identity and I take one day at the time which is the right rhythm for me. But I will never create things as beautiful and thoughtful as you do – and that is alright too.

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    • Those experiences you describe are so incredibly powerful aren’t they Kiki? I know for me, the ones I liked least are in many cases, the ones that had the most profound and lasting impact on the betterment of me and my life.

      And thank you — I am sometimes surprised to see how much my work has developed over the years and always grateful when something I create resonates deeply with another.

      Many hugs my beautiful friend. ❤

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      • the body knows even when the mind doubts
        Had to think of something else and although I still don’t know if that’s a good idea I’ll let it out:
        During the last 6-8wks before my youngest sister died AND we prepared the sale of our home in F for the 3rd time – hoping against hope – plus all the Covid related and other uncertainties I was extremely plagued with signs of illness as I normally never was. I could hold nothing within me, although I never changed my cooking, diet, lots of healthy stuff, positive attitude etc. Not only did I discharge anything that went into my body but in unknown ways of explosions and with mere seconds to react. I had cramps galore, lost blood but not an ounce of weight (!!! ;( grrrrh), was tired, headaches. Many thought I really needed to go and see a doctor (and maybe I should have) but I knew with absolute clarity that my body knew the turmoil I was in and I also knew that this would stop once my nerves were no longer laying raw day and night.
        Then my sister died, on the Saturday of our 23rd wedding day, and on the day I received a dear visitor for 4 days, the following Monday we zoom-signed the transfer of the house and 10 days later all my digestive problems were resolved and I was back to ‘normal’ – well, my Normal…. Since and also before that happening I experienced the same or similar heavy reactions, now my mother in law very suddenly got very, very ill and before I even finish thinking a thought, I already have to run to the quiet place…. the Body Knows…. we just have to listen – take note – and act upon its messages!

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      • Wow! What a powerful, wise and inspiring comment Kiki — and…. CONGRATULATIONS on your house. Much love and healing comfort for you during this time of grieving and uncertainty. Many hugs. ❤

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    • Thank you Kelley — yesterday, while in my studio, I heard a squawking outside hte doors and looked up to see a magpie trying to get into the Robin’s nest. I leapt up, ran to the door and pounded on the glass (I swear I almost broke my knuckles!). The mapgie gook off wiht the mom and dad chasing it.
      A few minutes later, she returned to sit on the nest.

      She is the most wonderful muse!

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