Falling in love all over again.

One of my first loves was film.

As a child, my sister Anne and I would re-enact scenes from our favourite movie — especially The Parent Trap where we would each take on the role of one of the twins and spend hours recreating various scenes.

In my 40s, I studied screen-writing and had a script optioned. I also worked on various films, writing and producing documentary along with other pieces.

But it was hard. A single mother with two daughters, I had to make a living so I got a job and life kept moving on.

Over the past year, I’ve been coming back to my love of film-making. It has been a lovely gift to myself to edit videos both for my Dare Boldly Art and, as I most recently did, for my sister’s 70th birthday.

It gives me such joy!

Yesterday, I decided I needed to finish off my Learning to Fly art journal with a video of all the pages. Called a, ‘Flip Through’, the purpose is to show the body of work in its entirety.

And again, I had great fun.

I also created a page of all the quotes I’ve affixed to the pages and it was in that process I felt the shimmer of divine grace descending and wrapping me up in its mystery.

I honestly don’t remember where all the words came from. They just appeared as I immersed myself in the creative process.

Which brings me back to the joy of film-making.

Last night I attended my first board meeting for THIRD ACTion Film Fest which I recently joined. (Do check out the upcoming festival list! The films are amazing and you can watch them from the comfort of your living room or deck — it’s all online this year again!)

As we talked and went through the processes necessary to govern a film organization such as this, I was in awe of the talent around the ‘Zoom table’ as well as the passion and commitment of everyone there.

I also felt my creative juices spark and fire up and get all excited about an idea…

I’m not sharing it yet… ideas need time to germinate. But, I will say this… it’s the first screenplay I’ve tackled writing in 25 years.

I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike. The skills I learned in the two year screenwriting course I took way back when will reawaken and my natural gifts for story-telling will get all charged up and I’ll be on fire!

I am excited.

Which is why it felt so serendipity this morning when I gathered up all the quotes from my Learning to Fly art journal into one document and I discovered the path unfolding with my writing wings unfurling.

As they say in the screen-writing biz… CUT TO:


This is the Flip Through video I worked on yesterday for my Learning to Fly art journal.

Did I mention how much I’m enjoying creating videos? No? Oh well… A LOT!!!!

12 thoughts on “Falling in love all over again.

  1. Louise – it was great to have you as one of our new board members at your first meeting last night. I know you will make a great contribution to helping our Film Festival (June 11-13) grow into something broader, deeper, and more impactful than we might imagine. Your voice and perspective will be both strong and valuable. This year’s films are at: http://thirdactionfilmfest.ca/2021-films.html and tickets as well as festival passes are on sale now at https://thirdactionfilmfest.ca/tickets.html

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    • I really appreciate your recommendation of me for the board Mark — it is so lovely to be involved and to be part of such an inspiring group! And thanks for posting in the links — I hyperlinked in the copy but it is always better to get the actual links!

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  2. I’m speechless 🙊
    Just looking through your booklet and wishing with all my might to be able one day, to hold anything so precious in my hands….. that is such a beautifully crafted labour of love, dedication, and I bet tears too.
    Shall rewatch it often.

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    • It was a labour of love Kiki — and yup — there were tears… some of them of frustration as I struggled to let go of my desire to get it perfect! I just wish I’d taken a photo of the raw journal before I started – it was quite a transformation! 🙂 ❤

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      • Whatever – one needs to loosen up from time to time ! – I’m much happier since i discovered that I cannot always be the Flavour of the Day for Everybody at Any Time!
        In any case, the result is über-stunning…. I’m not the envious type; yet this REALLY struck me as masterful and totally perfect in my soul’s eyes.

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