January Flowers

Here on the prairies at the eastern foot of the Canadian Rockies, January days are full of harsh winter light in a cloudless blue sky.

The land is grey on black on white. Leafless trees stand stark. Barren gardens lie silently waiting for spring beneath a blanket of snow. Prairie grasses rustle dry and brittle in the crisp winter air.

It is there, amidst the frozen landscape lying dormant beneath a January sun, I paint, my palette loaded with all the colours of the rainbow.

Playing with colour distracts my mind from world events and disheartening news of death counts and violence, changes in governments and travel restrictions and weather-forecasters’ foreboding messages of a Polar Vortex about to descend.

It is there, on the palette, I am reminded that my power lies not in my ability to change the whole world but to create beauty in my own. In that act of creation, I set in motion a ripple of beauty flowing within me and out into the world all around me.

It is there I remember that the power of art to awaken nascent possibilities for humanity to find peace, love, joy, together, is not transitory. It is always present.

To awaken it, to be present within and to it, I must keep my attention on the things I want to grow stronger in my life.

Let my attention be on creating joy, love, harmony.

Let my attention be on sharing peace and love with all the world around me.



I have been feeling unsettled. Discordant notes of anxiety burble up into my consciousness, creating ripples of unease within my peace of mind.

Much of my unease is initiated because I keep returning to newsfeeds that do little to create confidence in humankind’s ability to create better. I tell myself I must stop only to catch myself awhile later falling down the rabbit hole of yet another story about some political, environmental, economic or pandemic related story dragging me into the darkness.

I turn away, come back to the palette and begin again.

Practice they say makes perfect.

I am feeling very practiced at dragging myself out of the darkness, though I am getting tired of the dance!

Yesterday, I desperately needed the distraction of working on small things to help bring myself back into the present moment unfolding right in front of me.

I am grateful for my art practice. Grateful for my beautiful studio where I can find my balance again amidst the noise of the world around me.

How do you find your balance? What do you do to distract yourself from the world ‘out there’ so that you can find peace, harmony and joy within?

15 thoughts on “January Flowers

  1. The poem, The Hill We Climb, recited by National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gordon at today’s inauguration of Joe Biden should dispel any feelings of disquietude, unease or concern we harbour at this stage of the “pandemic pandemonium” and political pandering the world is being subjected to. Keep those colours of the rainbow bright and bold!

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    • I so agree Iwona. I wrote this just before turning into the Inauguration. I felt much better after — though I do wonder about those for whom, like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene who are so tied to the lies, they cannot see the truth… yet. Hopefully, with time and Biden’s spirit of unity and everyone else working together, she will.


  2. Our daily nature walk. Creative time in the attic. Videos with the kids. I too endlessly scroll through site after site hoping it’s better. It’s even worse here and I while I feel safe I am so frustrated with the powers that be. So I try to stay politically and socially active to help influence change but try not to get sucked into negative village where I feel helpless. It’s hard to find the balance.

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    • Ahhh – that ‘negative village’ such an apt description Bernier. It is somedays, more than others so very hard to find the balance — and like you nature, creative time, time (virtual) with ‘the littles’ all help. ❤


  3. I find my balance by reading your posts Louise. I find it when (and IF) I overcome the calling of my lazy bones to stay at home, when I go out and walk in the nature – so generous even in winter – I go down to the lake maybe and just feel the peace of the water, the birds and their calls.
    But mostly I only go down to the shops and I spend much time choosing the food I intend to use in the coming days, I ponder my choices, and then I return, with a filled sack on my back, to the routine of my daily life. But it’s all good….

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  4. How do I keep my balance? Birds stop me in my tracks every time and cancel swirling thoughts. I can’t believe there was ever a time I didn’t notice them but there was. That was before, this is after. Being creative, albeit in small spurts: photography, music and an occasional blog entry. Hello, books!!! And gratitude. 🙏

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  5. I love looking at the Art you have created Louise. It’s so beautiful and unique and inspires me to create something as well.
    I enjoy going to the Fabric Store, taking
    my time wandering thru all the aisles.
    There are such a variety of fabrics,
    different textures, and colours to choose from for my next project.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity!

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    • Yummy!

      I think it is one of the most loving and caring expressions Donna when whatever I create inspires someone else to dive deeper into their creative expressions.

      Thank you! ❤ I do hope you share what your wanderings inspire.


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