Shine Bright Like The Stars

The first thing I told the attendees in my art journalling workshop on Wednesday night was that I was so excited to be there I came a day early.

’cause that’s what happened.

On Tuesday, I packed up my two rolly bins, loaded them into the car and drove across the city to Kensington Art in anticipation of greeting 12 people into my class.

Except, I realized when I got there I’d somehow put it onto the wrong date in my calendar on my phone. Me and technology… know what I mean?

After laughing with the staff about my excitement, I wheeled everything back out to my car, loaded it up and drove home, laughing all the way.

On Wednesday night, I repeated the driving there but this time, I set-up and after the staff member checked people in along with verifying their vaccination cards, we dove in.

It was fun. Exhilarating. Exciting and challenging.

It’s the first in-person workshop I’ve given since Covid lockdowns began in March 2020. Fortunately, no one balked at wearing a mask throughout the evening. Though I must admit, teaching with one on is… different.

Different is ok. I can either resist or accept. My choice. I chose to accept with grace to ensure each attendee received value from the workshop and felt safe and supported in their exploration of their creative expression.

In preparation for the workshop, I created a number of backgrounds in one of my art journals as examples of ‘where to begin’ to show the class. I find it both cathartic and medicative to spend time simply layering on paint, texture and contours. The objective isn’t to think about what I’m doing. It’s to simply let whatever is seeking to appear, appear.

The first background I started with however, kept calling me to dive in. Three hours later, I had a completed page.

Ooops! I hadn’t meant to take it all the way! But I’m glad I did!

She knew that every door was a portal to wonder, mystery and awe and did not fear stepping through.

I still needed some sample backgrounds so I dove back in and consciously pulled myself away when I felt the urge to keep going. (Believe me. That’s not always easy when I’m in the flow!)

Yesterday, I opened my journal to the first background and began to play.

And that’s where the magic and the muse found me.

Perhaps it was the influence of the stunningly beautiful full moon of the night before, or the fall Equinox, or both… because somewhere at the edge of night, walking beneath a golden moon, breathing in starlight, wonder and awe, magic embraced me and I let go of thinking to allow what was seeking to be known and seen and experienced appear.

She rose like the moon and shone bright like the stars casting beauty and light into the darkness.

I taught an art journalling workshop this week. My first in-person workshop since March 2020.

It was fun. Exhilarating. And a great reminder to let go and be present in the fullness of the moon and the stars and all of life, to bathe in the wonder and the awe of this moment right now.


PS. I’m teaching another workshop at Kensington Art on Wednesday, October 27 — if you’re in the Calgary area and want to join in, it would be lovely to see you!

10 thoughts on “Shine Bright Like The Stars

  1. I am so glad to read you do what others do, wrong dates on calendars, stuff like that. I don’t feel so silly when I admit to those types of bloopers, at my own expense, However, your ending is so much more cool. The outcome of the journaling class is stunning. Each portal opens to something new, interesting, intriguing. If we knew what awaits us on the other side of each “portal” we pass through life would be infinitely boring, gray, dull. There would be no reason to even rise out of bed, throw open the drapes to a brand new day. The anticipation of what we may encounter is the “thrill of the chase” so to speak. One may do nothing, relax, enjoy the moment with a libation of choice. Or, tackle the moment with anticipation that something new awaits as the portal is crossed.
    Thanks for this post. It has reinvigorated my senses after a few days of much needed rain sitting by the window looking out as the grass and flowers soak up their nourishment. Today the sun shines bright as the coolness of the air refreshes one’s energy levels – get out and do something, anything. Winter will come, the days will be short, the comfort of a warming fire will envelop us, just not yet. I impatiently await the impending arrival of autumnal splendour. The first vestiges of colour changes are emerging. My favourite season is here, again.

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  2. Louise, your approach to your art shines through all you do. The two finished artworks
    are both stunning. Filled with mystery and light, pointing the way.
    I would love to come to one of your workshops to get the confidence to try at oleaster.


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  3. How I wished to be a fly on the wall of your workshop. Sounds like a heavenly day – and I am so in love with your creations. They have SOUL – which is what makes me sit up and marvel quietly at each and every one.

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