And her wings grew stronger

Every time she fell, she tried again and her wings grew stronger.

Usually, when I create in my art journal, the words drift into substance dripping with paint and creative sweat somewhere along the path, after I’ve begun the page.

Yesterday, as I sat and contemplated one of the backgrounds I’d created for the art journalling course I taught at Kensington Arts, the words landed before I’d even set up my paints, with a clear and resounding note of “Here I am”, demanding a page upon which to appear.

So much of the fun of art journalling is in the ‘allowing’ of ideas for words and imagery to materialize from somewhere deep within – without judging, limiting or condemning each thought.

So often, as I created this page, I stopped and asked myself, “What am I afraid to try?” And then, I did that.

Like adding gold pearlescent powder to the leaves and birdcage (hard to see in the photo) I haven’t worked with those types of powders in years — it took a lot of opening and closing of cupboard doors and drawers to find them – but it was like encountering an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time. The familiarity, the comfort, the excitement, the remembering of things you’ve shared, the experiences you created together, the memories you built — they’re always there, enriching each step of your journey. As you begin to laugh and chat and share stories, the time apart evaporates and you are left with that wonderful knowing that a friendship like this is not measured by time. It is woven forever into your hearts, spinning songs of joy and laughter through time shared and time apart.

I danced with the muse yesterday. It was an old, familiar tune we played. In its familiarity, woven into each strand of melody, sweet notes of possibility filled my heart, calling my wings to spread and grow stronger.


This is the background I started with.

14 thoughts on “And her wings grew stronger

  1. “I danced with the muse yesterday.” What a fabulous sentence, Louise. I feel that sense of comfort and rhythm at times when I am writing and the words are just *there*, seemingly fallen unbidden out of my mind and onto the page. I love these moments of precious synchronicity with the muse.

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  2. I need to share these beautiful words with my sister who lives in Calgary.Her wings have been healing & growing stronger the last few visits. She had a major fall.❤

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  3. A tiny experience comes to my mind. 2 days ago I heard two women looking desperately for an article in the store I did my ‘round’, looking for stuff I needed but my shopping list staying at home. I smiled a bit about the impossibility of those two who ‘had seen’ the article they looked for but couldn’t find it. I thought: Where would I search for it – and within a minute I stood in front of the very product they searched for….. I waved my arms and showed them where to look. Small happiness.
    Then, a few meters further on, a sales woman who helped them to look but didn’t know either where to find the item, said to me: You have just received a new feather to your wings!
    I was floored with gratefulness and joy – what a lovely thing to say…. Day solved!

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