She dares to steer her course into the extraordinary

In a sea of ordinary, she dares to steer her course into the extraordinary.

Thank you everyone for your kind words, your thoughts, ideas and empathy.

My ring is still missing but, as I often do when I’m feeling turbulent inside (and the wind is howling outside, which it is) I go into my studio and dive into curiosity and creativity, allowing whatever is seeking to appear, come to light.

The muse was all about exploring the question… “I wonder what would happen if I…”

In this case, the ‘if I’s’ were all about mixing different media to see what might happen.

Layer upon layer. Additions. Subtractions. Layer upon layer.

Like life. We try on a new pair of shoes and if they don’t fit, we try a different pair.

My art process yesterday worked the same. I tried spray inks and acrylic inks on top. Gesso through a stencil. Inkpad on top. Again and again and again.

No hesitation.

No judgment.

No groans of disappointment.

Just pure, unabandoned experimentation.

Because… in a world where confusion, disarray, and dismay become the ordinary tidings of our days, sailing into a rainbow world of magic and mystery is a wonderful way to transform every day into something extraordinary!


9 thoughts on “She dares to steer her course into the extraordinary

  1. I have to say I DO admire you for your unfettered courage and determination to find joy, to get through to that transformation which pleases you …. and now look how very well you succeeded, AGAIN!

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    • Thank you Kiki! I am so grateful my office is in the alcove outside my studio. I keep the studio door wide open so that I can’t walk past without peeking in…. and then…. when I’m done working… I have to enter. The muse is calling and I cannot ignore her! ❀ πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Pragalbha — it is a many-layered thing! Most of which happened through curiosity, not design — which is how I love to create. It takes the pressure off ‘having to look like something I imagine’ to become ‘all that I imagine.’
      Wouldn’t it be lovely if we lived in the same city and could go for a walk and then come back to the studio and play together with words and paint and colour and texture! Oh my. What a thought! ❀

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